Thursday, January 19, 2012


Lacy, Lafite and Mr. Winks' dad was out raking leaves. I'm sure their mom was helping, too, but first she had to take pictures! We have to keep important things first. :-)

They went out to encourage-- not rake.

And Lacy got as far away from the work as possible.

There she is-- can you see her? It looks like a good spot to me! Nice and sunny.

Mr. Winks, however, was determined to help. He is on the job!

Or is he sitting down on the job?

"There's more space over here, Dad."

Mr. Winks had eye fold (nasal fold) surgery last fall. He was a puppy we took into rescue and he had many food allergies. His parents are so diligent to make sure his diet is good for him.

Mr. Winks is able to help out with the yard chores now that his eyes are healed. His hair has grown back and he is a little joy out there, giving instructions and making sure things are in the right place.

You are beautiful, Mr. Winks! I'm so glad you went to this home-- there isn't a better one for you. (Do Lacy and Lafite agree with that? :-) )

I'm sure they do. Who wouldn't love to have you in their family!

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lady jicky said...

Moi Moi and Coco think Mr Winks is a "spunk muffin" !!!