Monday, January 30, 2012


I have a grandson who we call "Drill Bit." He's two years old now. My Drill Bit lives with two Pekingese that are so good with him. But, this isn't my Drill Bit-- it's Darby's! Darby belongs to Amee in Richmond, and Darby is a lot like my Starlight-- a little pistol of a Peke. But, Darby LOVES her Drill Bit.

Darby's Drill Bit went to see Santa-- and I'm sure Darby wished she could be there.

Her Drill Bit is so cute! Darby, you are supposed to be in this picture. I'm sure you are around somewhere.

Oh, there you are. My Starlight is not that good with toddlers, but you seem to be fine. I know your Drill Bit throws blocks and builds things in your bed, but you still think he's the best thing in your life. Good girl!! Can I send Starlight up for some lessons. She doesn't like toddlers who are in the "whack and grab" stage.

Darby, give your Drill Bit a lick for the Pekes here. I hope your good attitude will rub off on them.

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lady jicky said...

Super cute peke and "drill bit" !