Monday, January 16, 2012


Wilson came into rescue from a shelter where he was a stray. He has a lot of gray in his face, but the vet says he's not that old-- He didn't even need a dental.

His hair is beautiful now-- a long way from the neglected dog who came into rescue.

He loves his toys....

and will roll around with them and play. Is purple your color, Wilson?

I think he looks very content-- but he would like his very own home. His foster parents are GREAT!! They have a huge heart for dogs, especially these little Pekes, but they also help mamas and their babies that are at a local shelter. They give them a safe place to begin their lives in their home.

Wilson has a toy that is almost as big as he is. I think this boy loves toys-- some ignore them, but Wilson isn't one of those dogs. ;-)

Wilson is ready for a new home. He is good with other dogs, but too interested in cats to be able to live with one. (I have a few of those dogs here, too! They just want to play with the cats-- really!)

If you are interested in adopting Wilson, please email


lady jicky said...

I just love Wilson's grey face!!

I think this boy deserves a very special home :)

ryna said...

He's got the cutest face I've ever seen. Wish I could take him home. But South Africa is so far from u

Linda said...

Welcome to you Ryna in South Africa. A friend of mine just returned from there last March. She had lived there a year. Do you have a Peke?
Linda (blogger)