Thursday, January 5, 2012


Wanda posed at Christmas with the candycane treats beside her. Her dad said you can get these on The dogs love to play with them. I wonder how long they stayed under the tree after the photo session was over.

Wanda has on my favorite-- plaid! I love plaid. I have scarves with plaids and my dining room rug is plaid.

Wanda came into rescue from a kill shelter and was fostered in Roanoke. They fell in love and she makes regular trips to Starbucks (another favorite of mine!). They look for her when her dad goes through the drive through.

Posing is hard work, but she has learned that photo sessions come with treats. Treats fix everything. Now she isn't as afraid of the camera. Her sister, Desi, our Peke photo model, is Wanda's sister and she's tried to tell her not to be afraid, but sometimes Wanda has to lay down and just think about it.

A trip outside shows a new sweater to keep her warm. She knows there are trees outside, but isn't sure why there is one in the house.

I'm sure it will be gone soon (if it's not gone already). One of my trees is still up and I know Joy (the Christmas House) still has hers up. I love the lights on in the evening to just sit and enjoy, so it's okay to leave it up a little longer. Is your tree still up Wanda? I know you had a great Christmas!

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lady jicky said...

Mmmmm - I wonder when Wanda goes to Starbucks - does she order a Pupaccino ????