Saturday, November 30, 2013


Help a Pekingese in need with every purchase at $1 from every Potomac Valley Pekingese Rescue bar purchased from now until December 10th 2013 will spark a $1 donation to help a Pekingese in need. any other bars or sets purchased with this bar will also spark a donation to them!


Here is Pandy, who was adopted from PVPC by my daughter.   I think she was worn out after Thanksgiving!!    Hold on, Rick (her Granddad), she's falling! :-)


 Piper had a birthday!
 Look at his cake!  Wow!!   I wonder what it's made of.
 His mom showed him his cake and I see a present there, too.
 "I wonder what is in there?"
 His mom is reading his card to him.
 Piper gets a close up-- it must be a very special card!
 Did you get a new toy?     I hope you had a wonderful day!!  
Now it's time to get ready for Christmas!!!  YAHOO!!

Friday, November 29, 2013


We have a new post office box for Potomac Valley Pekingese Club.    Instead of going to the Chantilly address, we now have one in Richmond.     Jeanne will get this and then send all the checks to our treasurer.  But, you can send Jeanne notes and pictures also.   Here is our new address:

PVPC/Potomac Valley Pekingese Club
P.O. Box 61005
Richmond Va 23261

Thanks for all your support this year!  


 I don't know about your dogs, but my dogs were tired from the holiday-- My grandogs, Pi and Lottie (Peke) were just exhausted and decided to just veg out on the big dog bed.  
 Jelly with  his foster sister, Paula.    Paula is the one who came into rescue and it turned out she was older, blind and almost deaf.   But, oh, does she love!    She loves her doggy friends and she LOVES her foster mom, Marilyn.   Marilyn loves her right back, saying she is incredibly sweet.    Paula just had a birthday-- Happy Birthday, sweet girl.
Maddy had a wonderful Thanksgiving I know.   Are you resting with your toys now?
Beth Pekes posed for a Thanksgiving picture-- I don't know how she gets them to do this!   Now they're all thinking about the next holiday.  CHRISTMAS!  So, send your Peke Christmas pictures on to me!    December is almost here.  (
I just had to add one more picture in-- I know it's after the blog was posted, but Anna took this picture of her Butters after a long Thanksgiving Day.    I think this is how most of us felt!  Time for a nap!

Thursday, November 28, 2013


 Desi sent me an email-- her family is sad after losing four of their pets in the past two weeks.   Her mom and dad work with our group (they are our Roanoke vet) and they have cared for many who were in hospice care.    Desi wrote me this:
 It's me, Desi.   It has been a very sad day here and Mom said I did not have to do a photo shoot if I did not feel like it.
 However, I am a professional and I did not want to let my fans down.  Besides, I have a lot to be thankful for.    Here is Alastor.   He is one of the older Pekes in our house.    He has a big heart murmur, but he is doing well because of all the care my mom gives him.  
 My mom said some dogs don't even have one dress, so I'm thankful for all the dresses I have.   Bear, above, doesn't need a dress.   My dad loves him.   He has an attitude, but most of the time he is okay.  
 I am thankful for the many brothers and sisters I have to play with-- even though I don't always want to share.    This is Cassidy.    Isn't he handsome?
 I am thankful I have a mom and dad who loved me so much.    They love Dawson, above, too.   He is a foster Peke with us.   He is heartworm positive, and such a happy boy.    Once he finishes his treatment, he will be ready for adoption!  
 Here I am again-- I am so thankful that my mom and dad saved me when they adopted me from PVPC.    I have a lot of health problems in my brain, but my mom gives me the BEST care.    She's a vet, so she is right on top of all my medical issues.   You'd never know it if you saw me-- I look just perfect.    (Well, maybe I'm not perfect in this picture.   Mom took me outside in the rain!  Without my rain jacket!  Can you imagine?    I guess she just forgot.)    
 I'm thankful that my mom let me become the Diva I was meant to be.   I don't think anyone has as many dresses as I do.   This is my friend, Dollar, and he only gets to wear ties.  
 I'm thankful that I get to go to work and on vacation with my mom and dad so that everyone can adore me!     This is Kipper above-- he's been part of our family for awhile.    Isn't he cute!
 I love paper-- mom will crunch it up into a ball and I get to tear it up!  It's so much fun!!    I showed the new PVPC board members how much fun this is-- they were having a meeting with my mom and dad and so I was being extra cute.     This is Madge above-- she is in hospice care with my mom and dad.   She has a really bad  heart, but my mom takes such good care of her, that she is still with us.    
This is my friend, Wanda.    She came to us as a foster, but my dad fell in love with her.   She only has one eye because my mom found that she had a malignant tumor in the other eye, so it had to be removed.  She is doing great though.    I let her share my dresses-- after all, I can't wear them all at once.      I hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.   Even though it's been a rough month in our family, having to say good-bye to so many, we are thankful for all those who are here.    I hope you have much to be thankful for also.   HAPPY THANKSGIVING DAY!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


 Fiona came into rescue from a DC shelter two years ago-- she had to be shaved down because she was so matted and dirty.  
 She went to Lucinda and Roger's and we realized she had neurological issues.    So, she stayed with them.  
 She had trouble getting around, but she charmed everyone around her.  
 She dressed up for holidays...
 I think sweet Desi loaned her some outfits.    (Desi has plenty to share.)
 Fiona struggled a lot, but she kept on going.    Lucinda knew what meds she needed and did all she could for Fiona.    
 Lucinda sent me an email:   "Today we said goodbye to Fiona.   She came to us a little over 2 years ago from a shelter in DC where she was found as a stray wandering the streets.
 She had neurologic issues, but she was a happy dog.  
 She spent her time with us being spoiled and loved.
 She traveled to work with us every day and loved being a mascot.  
 She had numerous photo shoots (Desi let her share the limelight a little).  
 As her neurologic condition deteriorated, we took her to a specialist, but there was nothing else that could be done.    
  We spent her last months pampering her.
 She was handfed whatever she wanted and carried everywhere she needed to go.
 Today her brain disease progressed to the point that she could not remember how to swallow and she had difficulty breathing.  
 It broke our hearts, but it was time.   She left this world in her dad's arms.
 She deserved that after all of the love she had given us.      Adopting an older or special needs dog comes with a price, but we would (and will) do it all again, because every dog should have the chance to leave this world knowing that they are loved.  
 Desi was beside Fiona as we let her go and has not left the spot since.   They never seemed to be great buddies, but Desi is really missing her."
There have been too many losses-- four-- for Roger and Lucinda in the past two weeks.   They have taken in special needs' Pekes and have loved them so much, given them all they could possibly have.    Fiona was one of them.    She is now with Brumby, Rook, and Puji.    Our hearts go out to Roger and Lucinda-- their hearts have lost too much.    Run free, sweet girl!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


If you want to send me pictures of your snow Pekes, send them to   Please insert the picture into the email itself, so I don't have to download it.    Thanks!


 We had our election meeting on Saturday, November 23.   Wanda, above, slept through the meeting.
 The new officers and board members will run the club this coming year.   (Alastor was sleeping-- he didn't want to participate.)
 The new president is Linda Maxwell (me).   I've been with the club as a foster mom for almost 11 years and Rescue Director for over 5 years.    (Desi, above, our Diva Peke)
The new vice-president is Tiffany O'Neal.    Tiffany has worked with animals for years and does so much volunteer work and fostering for our club.  What a heart she has for rescue.  (I was able to see Bubble2 aka Harley Marie-- I think she remembered me, but then wanted to be with her mom, Valerie!)
 Our new secretary is Marian Brzostek.   Marian and her husband, Jim, adopted my very first foster dog, Cosmo over ten years ago.   Above is Wanda, Roger's special girl.    I love her plaid outfit!
 Our new treasurer-- a big job-- is Martha Showalter.    We have all the previous records, but have realized this all needs to be in a financial program to keep better track of everything.    We are going to accept donations earmarked for a computer to take care of this.    I think we already have the program, but it needs to be in a computer that is not used for other things.    Then, it can be passed on to a new treasurer, records intact.    (Above is Dawson-- look at that sweet boy-- he's so happy.    He is about 7 and is heartworm positive, but is coming through his treatment well.)
 Some board members are returning.    (Diva Desi is above, modeling one of her many dresses.  She wears one every day.  Her Daddy had to build another rod to hold her outfits.)   
 Linda Maxwell (me) was on the board and will continue to do that.  (All the officers are also part of the board.) (Alastor above is trying out the bed that was given to me by Marilyn Derry-- my dogs decided not to use it and I know the Pekes at Lucinda's will make good use of it!)  
 Jeanne Reeves, co-director of rescue with me,  will continue on the board.    (Oh, Alastor, you found a pink flowered bed!)
 Missy, above, came to the after meeting at the hotel.    She is going to meet her new mom this week.
 Isn't she cute!!     She was going to a foster home, but she is going to live in Richmond instead!   I'm so excited for her!
 After the post-meeting meetings (where the new members worked on the plan for the coming year and looked at what we were given), we began our four hour trip home.    We stopped at Jeanne's in Richmond, and I got to meet Lucy!!    She is so sweet!!   Linda in England wishes she could adopt her-- she has sent her presents and Lucy loves them all.    
 The other continuing board member is Robin Robinson.    I love Robin-- she is so much fun to be around!    She has been a major part of planning our yearly picnics.   I don't know what the plan is for future picnics, but we'll be working on this.   (Didi, Jeanne's Peke was there to greet us when we arrived at her home.)  
 The other new board members are:  Claretta Richardson and Marilyn Derry.  They have both been with our club for some time and have been foster parents.    I'm thrilled to be able to work with them, and have their opinions and support this year!   (This is Hannah, Jeanne's very shy girl.    Hannah came to Jeanne and Bill totally unsocialized, so she doesn't trust strangers.   But, I did pet her this trip-- I don't think she realized it, but it was a victory!!   One day, she'll know I'm safe.)
 Carter and Sassy Marie were there.   Oh, what a greeting I received!  
 Look at Lucy-- she is adorable!
 We even got a picture of Bill in the background.   This is Jeanne's husband who we have been praying for.  He had a stroke last week, but he is doing great!!  You wouldn't know anything had happened!!   (Thank you everyone who has prayed!)
 My husband got my camera and took a picture of me with Lucy.    She is adorable! (She's available for adoption!)
  Here he is again-- don't you love that face!  I sure do!   Oh, my, this is one sweet boy!!   His allergies are so much better.    I was able to pick him up and he was so sweet.
 I want to welcome all the new and returning board members and officers.   We plan to work together, helping each other out to do all we can for the Pekingese who come into our care.    I'm excited about this coming year!