Friday, November 15, 2013


 Rook was a very special girl.    She was found at a campground four years ago.   She was afraid of everything and everyone.    
 Desi's parents, Lucinda and Roger were there, and Rook trusted them right away.     She just rolled over for a tummy rub.     She wanted them to be her parents, and they took her home.  
 She got along great with the other dogs-- here she is with Wanda.     Rook was heartworm positive and desperately  needed a dental.   She lost 18 teeth, she had heartworm treatment and  was became a healthy wonderful dog.   She loved car rides and going to Starbucks with her dad.  
Rook was diagnosed with mouth melanoma in September.    Lucinda (our Roanoke vet) removed the mass and Rook also saw an oncologist at Virginia Tech.    The cancer was a fast spreading one, and it spread to her throat.    It could have closed off her airway at any time.    They took her home today (Friday) and gave her one last meal, loved on her, and let her go.   Rook had an incredible home with Roger and Lucinda.    We know their hearts are broken-- and our are, too.    Rest in peace, sweet girl.  


lady jicky said...

Oh what a dear boy Rook was and I am just so sorry for your loss.

He was loved !!!!

nana said...

May your hearts be filled with joy and peace knowing she was loved and cherished.....and with no doubts, take comfort knowing she is waiting eagerly for her family's arrival!