Wednesday, November 20, 2013


 Nickie Dickens was a sick girl when she was turned into a vet years ago.   Mary Jane was called to the vet to see if she would take her and find a home for her.   Mary Jane fell in love the minute she saw her.
 At the vet, Nickie was flat on her belly and completely draped w/ the exception of her little white back feet and a terribly damaged  eye.   When Jane saw those little feet, she just said, "I love her." There was no question whose dog she would become that day.   The eye was easily removed, and she didn't  slow down once.  She was the family guard dog-- she would bark to warn her mom of the horrible deer monsters when they came into the yard and when the cats played on "her" porch. She was extremely nosey and wanted to supervise everything.
 She was sister to Duchess Carla, who her mom adopted from us.    Duchess came to us in terrible condition, but she became the most beautiful, sweet little girl.   After she passed, her mom fell in love again.
 Rupert Diesel was being transported by Mary Jane for us-- but never left her.  He was starved for love and just wanted to be close to her.   He loves belly rubs and  gives Mary Jane pats on the face to wake her up.    He takes his ball to the top of the stairs and will drop it just to see it roll down and then will go get it.    I know Rupert will miss his friend, Nickie, so much.    They were together so long.
Nickie had trouble for over 6 months-- Cognitively she was not doing well and the meds were no longer working.    Making the decision to let her go was so difficult-- most of us know how hard that is.    She said she was an absolute joy and a character.   Mary Jane and Rupert will miss their sweet girl.    Rest in peace, little one.


lady jicky said...

I am so sorry for your loss.

Toni Davis said...

Prayers coming for you to ease the pain you are suffering. Thank you so much for the love you gave this little one!