Wednesday, March 31, 2021


Dolly came into rescue after being turned into the shelter by her owners.   She had been in the shelter twice. 😒
She’s not a big girl and she had a bit of Peke-a-tude.  We Peke people know all about that. 
When I met her, I thought she was adorable.  
She loved her pup treat at the ice cream store.  It was her treat after her ultra sound. 
She loved it. 
She had a dental. She was missing 16 teeth and she had fistulas in her mouth that opened into her sinuses.  Poor girl!    She lost 15 more teeth.   Pekes need regular dental care to keep their mouths healthy. 
She went to her new home and will have someone around all the time.  Perfect!  
She had to wear an e collar because she was rubbing her mouth but she doing so much better.  Now she will have a healthy mouth and feel so well now that all those bad teeth are gone.  
She decided to sleep  on a pile of blankets her first night despite having two beds to choose from.  Silly girl   She has a new cat brother named Marco Polo and Dolly thinks he needs help chasing his tail   🀣   I’m sure she will learn he can do this all by himself.  She also thinks she should chase the ducks at the park.  Her mom said the ducks  are going to get a restraining order πŸ˜‚. Dolly is charming her mom and dad w her snuffle sounds.  She has her own noises, but they’re all very Pekey.  


Tuesday, March 30, 2021


Hugo has been w his new mom for several months now.  Look at his big eyes! ❤️
Spring is on the way and he had a nice haircut to get ready. 
He’s ready for a walk. 
He loves his toy sloth.  He has several and sometimes plays w two at a time.   
Up close!  
His lobster is awesome, too. 
Hugo has settled in so well and is as “cute as a bug” his mom says.   I agree. ❤️
At the end of the day, he’s like all the rest— ready to get tucked in for a good night sleep.   Sweet dreams, Hugo. 

Monday, March 29, 2021


Sheri and Katie, of the Potomac Six, have been in their new home for several months now.  

Sheri and Katie are doing so well!   Their moms are two sisters who adopted these two sisters and they keep me updated -- I'm so grateful.    

They had their first professional grooming and they weren't too sure about that at all.   Remember, these dogs had little to no care and didn't even know what being clean was about.  They have been fearful about water and blow drying-- these were all new to them.   But, they are going to have a lifetime of being cared for, and they are getting used to it.  

Sheri and Katie were cozy in  their mom-made sweaters, Sheri's has the red border, Katie's is purple. Look at those big brown eyes.   They are getting outfits and walks and time outside.  All this is new.   All shows how loved they are.
When they came into rescue, Katie was in critical condition with pyometra.    This condition would have taken her life, but we got her into rescue just in time.  The difference in their lives now vs the lives they had before is incredible.
They have a big yard to be in and run around.   They receive so much love and attention now.   And they return the love.   One of their moms hurt her shoulder.  The girls were SO concerned and proceeded to jump on her AND on her shoulder to help her and let her know she was loved.   She didn't know whether to laugh or cry-- I think she must have done both.

These beautiful girls are loving their lives now.  And we're so happy they are.  πŸ’œπŸ’œ

Sunday, March 28, 2021


I don’t know about your house, but mine is full of grandkids and dogs. I love it. 
That means... you got it.  Lots of toys for dogs and kids. Sugar Bit is now five and she has a lot of toys.  They end up all over.  Here are a few and I thought the picture was silly and would make you smile.   We call our house Camp Runamuck as many of you know.  There’s a reason for that.   Things, kids and dogs are always running amuck. 🀣😘
So, have a Camp Runamuck Silly Sunday!  Come on. You can do it!   🐾πŸ₯°

Saturday, March 27, 2021


Bogie and Sissy.  Such a sweet pair.  They came into rescue after living in a home where they never went outside.  They used anything and everything as a peeing and pooping area.  They had no medical care. 
It’s hard to train older dogs after no house training has occurred.  But, each who had one of that group has done all they can to help them 
Bogie is about 2.  We just don’t know for sure. 
We think Sissy is 8-9. 
Bogie is a 11-12 pound ball of joy.  But, he’d rather not be with other male dogs.  
He’s silly and happy.  
Sissy is about 14 pounds now.   They will both use piddle pads now, but they still think dog beds are ok to use at times.  They quit using the couch. 😳. 
We go outside every few hours to reinforce that outside is the best place to go to the bathroom.  They need someone who is patient and kind and who won’t fuss at them when they have an accident. To keep this routine, they need someone who isn’t gone all day. 
Sissy is quiet.  She would rather not be with kids. She’s never done anything, but I know she’d prefer a quieter home. 
Bogie adores Sugar Bit.  They play and love each other. 
They are usually resting or playing together.  Touching each other. ❤️
Bogies eyes are doing great.  He will need rechecks so an adopter has to be able to do that.  We hope he will never need another surgery.  Bogie is our virtual school helper. 
Sissy refuses to be involved lol. She sleeps instead.  I’m sure Bogie entertains many of Sugar Bits classmates who can see him on the screen.  

I’d love for them to be adopted together.  They have so much love to give.  They won’t be adopted to anyone who doesn’t know the Peke personality or needs.  A home check and vet reference is a must.   I’m willing to wait for that perfect—or close to perfect—home for them.  They are worth it. ❤️

Friday, March 26, 2021


Three years ago in May, we found this little girl needed help.  I don’t know what her history was, but she sure wasn’t cared for in the home she was in.  Fleas, dirty.  
No problem!   We could handle that.  
Her name grabbed a woman’s heart— and she applied for her.  
Lucy Lu now lives in luxury.   
She is adored. 
She has trips to the beach, which is close by. 
Her smile is BIG because she is so happy. 
She’s been trying to talk her mom into some chocolate.  Silly girl. Her mom knows dogs can’t have chocolate.  I’m sure she got a special treat instead.   Happy homes. That’s what rescue does!!  πŸ₯°

Thursday, March 25, 2021


Do you ever have days where things just don’t go right?   Granger knows all about them. 
He can get into the strangest positions.  In boxes. In paper bags. Inside little tents.  But, under this tiny stool is a first. 
Are you stuck?   I’ve had days like that.  Don’t worry. 
Just hang in there.  It will all be all right. ❤️  (I’m listening to those words myself at times.). 

Wednesday, March 24, 2021


Pekes have so many personalities.  
Minnie, Zoey, and Sissy are pretty quiet.  
They are content to just be near, keeping me in sight, hanging out. 
Zoey had almost no hair on her tail when she came into rescue.  Her back end was almost bare.  She had trouble walking and her back end was bent down.  Her mouth was a mess, w no lower jaw and needing to have all her teeth removed. 
Now, she’s a fluff butt, walking better.  In fact, I trimmed her some because her hair is so thick.  
Her coat is shiny and healthy. 
She’s a snuggle bug. 
Minnie is very quiet. She can’t be handled much but she wants me close.  Maybe she had trauma before we got her.  She’s a quiet soul.  She is almost 16. We will celebrate her birthday in June.  πŸ’–
Minnie and Zoey are my sweet girls.  
So is Sissy.  She’s precious, and cuddly and loving.  She has made so much progress since coming into rescue in late 2020.  I adore her. 🌸
When you rescue, you never know what type of dog you will get.  Some are noisy and boisterous and into everything.  And then, there are the quiet ones.  They work their way into your heart in a special way.  Do you have quiet ones in your life? ❤️

Tuesday, March 23, 2021


Little Bit “Bitty” came into rescue in September 2019.  
His owner had died and he was a blind dog in a strange shelter.   His foster mom, Sonia, gave him a wonderful foster home.   We did every test to see if we could help him regain his vision.   We couldn’t.  His retinas were detached and that meant nothing could be done.  
He waited a long time for a home.  And then it came. 
He is fitting right in.  I love adopters who don’t have to have a perfect young dog.  I would take the special ones every time.  ❤️
He has new beds, new home, new everything. 
He likes being close to his new dad. 
He is figuring things out.  
He’s helping his dad work. 
He went on a hike and had a great ride.  He got a little snooze in. 
Hello sweet boy. 
He got a little love, too. 
He’s doing great!   Thank you to his new family!