Monday, November 30, 2020


Mitzie has been in her new home with my friend, Amee, for awhile now.   

She LOVES Amee.  
It is a perfect fit-- Mitzie loves her new home and all the attention she gets.
She even sent me an email-- "Happy Thanksgiving Eve Ms. Linda, its Mitzie.  I asked momma if I could send a quick email since it's been 7 months in my new home.

I am doing really good. I stay snuggled up to momma most days now. I rarely ever try to nip anymore. I let momma carry me most everywhere. I can walk fine but she likes to snuggle up to me. I even give kisses more now. I like my sister Mollie though she barks alot, momma said it's because she never really got over being scared when she was given up. We sleep together with momma

I am ready for Christmas. There is so much Christmas stuff here. I am sorry I won't see you because of Covid for the meeting mom says is usually here but wow I am was in the Peke calendar 

Well Happy Thanksgiving and have a very Merry Christmas.  I know I will. 
Love Mitzie"

Mitzie was so excited.  Her mom decorates early and we usually have our Christmas meeting at her house-- and it's so much fun!!  But, COVID.  Ugh.  We can't go this year.  I hate that.  I'll miss driving to her home in the country and seeing all her incredible decorations.   I'll miss seeing my friends in rescue and all the food we all bring.

Mitzie sent me some pictures and I'll be sharing more later.   Her trees are so much fun.  
Her house is so much fun.   
Decorating wore out Mitzie, so she's just hanging out, taking a nap, and dreaming of Santa.   
Share your holiday pictures!!   

Sunday, November 29, 2020


Jackson had cataract surgery and did well.  
He wore his e collar but after his recheck, he was allowed to take it off.  
Somehow he developed an ulcer.  His foster, Marti, is on top of all his drops and care. 
So, he’s back in a e collar. He is such a sweet boy and we’re doing all we can for him. 
Thank you, Marti, for fostering him!  

Saturday, November 28, 2020



Newman came into Emily's life almost 15 years ago.   It was a spur of the moment decision.   Emily wrote, "I was supposed to be meeting a lady and adopting her Bichon. Instead I went to a house in Yelm that had one last Peke puppy.  The family didn’t want to part with him but they had to. Adam was deployed and my Grandpa had just passed away. Newman was the perfect distraction. He was my first baby, my best deployment buddy and a fabulous world traveler."
He and Drizzle were beautiful Peke puppies.  
He became Emily's heart dog.   Most of us have had the gift of one of those who gets so deep into our heart.
From an adorable puppy, to a beautiful adult Peke, Newman was so special.
He just turned 15.    But, life was slowing down for him.
He had a friend named Daisy.  She was recently adopted and he had company.  
Drizzle had been his life time friend until she passed away.  Many dogs love having a friend, so Daisy tried her best.
Newmie began to have health problems, like collapsing trachea, and lung issues.  
He was sleeping more and more.
We expect that when they're older, but his eyes began to say, "I don't feel well."
He went to the vet often and everything was tried to help him feel better.  
He had been such a happy boy.
We want them to stay with us forever.  
I think they would choose the same.   
But, it's often left to us to make the decision that is best for them.   It's done with a heavy heart and great love.
Newman is now with his friend, Drizzle.  Emily said, "I will miss him so much and home will always feel a little empty without him there. Newmie, give Drizzle kisses and let her know how much we miss her. I love you."
I'm sure this smile is present as he is free from age and is now playing again.  He was so loved.  ๐Ÿ’“


Ace came into rescue last month. He was such a sweet dog but (like so many) had no medical care. 
He fit right into his foster home w Bonnie, Buddy, and “cousin” Sully. 

Buddy and Ace were hanging during Thanksgiving.  Ace’s favorite toy was resting in the dog bed.  At first, I thought it was another pet. ๐Ÿคฃ
Ace had bladder stone surgery yesterday.   He wasn’t having accidents—wow— but he had to be uncomfortable.   He will feel so much better now.  He will also go in a special diet so he won’t get more.  Get well sweet Ace. ❤️

Thursday, November 26, 2020


Freddie’s mom posted pictures of Freddie on line. 
He was so cute and, even though he’s gone, he still brings joy and a reminder to be thankful. 
Buffy tried to be thankful—but where was the food.  
We went to Williamsburg (Virginia) to be w our daughter and family.   We all are very careful so that we can do this.  
Of course, Zoey went too.  

She took up guard duty while we got everything ready. 
Yum.  Mashed potatoes, collards, sweet potato casserole, 
Green bean casserole and pecan pie. 
Zoey doesn’t beg. She just rested close to me as we ate. 
Then, we all took a walk around the neighborhood.   Well, all of us walked  except Zoey. She was carried. 
She checked out the moose. 
They began setting up the Christmas tree.  We will begin tomorrow at my house. 
Granger hoped he would get some special treats on his food but it wasn’t there.  He protested. 
We all—including Crosby above— hope you had an incredible day of thanks. ๐Ÿงก


Zoey, it’s Thanksgiving.  
And we hope all of you have a wonderful day. 
Minnie knows this is an American holiday.  Canada has a thanksgiving but not today.  
Zoey says, “hurry. There’s a turkey in the oven.”  
In goes Piper. 

Sissy is next.

She looks like she has had too much turkey and needs a nap. 
So does Bogie.  But, do they actually get extras on Thanksgiving?   Nope. 
I don’t want any upset tummies.  It sounds mean, but mine only get what they normally get.   So many of mine have sensitive stomachs so I’ll keep all the turkey and pie and stuffing (my favorite) and everything else on the table, not near Pekingese mouths. 
Have a safe, blessed day.  We have so much to be thankful for. ๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’›