Thursday, December 31, 2020


 This is my way to end each year on Must Love Pekes.  It's a blog with pictures of all those we lost this year.   Some are not Pekingese.   But, each was loved, even if it was for a short time.  Most have let us know that it was time.   Some have gone on their own.   I hope this blog honors each one of them.  They remain in our hearts.  The ones who have a ❤️ by their name were PVPC fosters at one time or at the end of their lives.   

Must Love Pekes author
Rescue Director PVPC   

💜 Clara was my foster-- my girl.   She was so loved by so many of you.   
💕 My Chumley-- first a foster with us, then our own.   
💕My heart dog-- my Kai Kai.  Losing him was so difficult.  
💕Max (who died in 2019) was Kai Kai's buddy.   We miss them.  
When they leave us, we hold on to a loved memory-- whether they were with us a short time or a long time.   
💗Bigsby was a special boy who captured his foster parents' hearts.   
💗Buddy (Ricky) came into rescue and went to live with Jan in Richmond.   His mom said, "I would touch his back as I leaned over, robe & all, and his tail would wag, “thank you.”    I wanted him to be mine forever.  I have never had a dog so appreciative of me."   Rescues are often so grateful.    It's amazing.
Pickle was Buddy’s doggy sister.  She was 15 when she died from heart issues.  It’s so hard to lose one, let alone two (or more) in a year.  Jan has Simon and Bella to help her. 
💗Cappy was adopted from us and returned.   His foster mom decided he needed to remain with her the rest of her life-- and he did.   He was loved.  
💗Chance.  Such a beautiful dog.  He came into rescue with many others from a puppy mill.   He lived wit Sonia and Joe in Richmond-- they have helped us with so many.   Chance was a "brother" to all who came.  
💗Oh, Charles Dickens.   He was found in a ditch in the western part of the state.   He was a mix, but we had to help him.   He was so loved and is greatly misses.  
💗Charlie came into rescue in 2017.   His life with his adoptive mom wasn't as long as she hoped, but it was filled with love.  His mom is adopting Jackson to fill the hole in her heart.  
💗Didi-- she came to me from a local shelter.  She had been turned in because she had one eye.  Wow.   Jeanne fell in love with her and adopted her.   After Jeanne passed away, Paige and Dani  adopted her three girls.  
Jill Le was Didi's sister at Jeanne's.   She passed away this year, too.  She was such a sweet girl and her dad, Bill, misses her a lot, I know.  
💗Sassy went to Paige and Dani's also-- she and Didi were good friends.   They both left this year.  
💗Diva Desi was a Peke we all loved.  She had a wardrobe like no other dog.  
Dunny was Sarah's beloved boy.  Like many of us, she has a "few" dogs-- and each one is so special.   He had been unwell and passed away in his sleep.  
Dusty-- this tiny one was at our picnics and I always wanted to hold him and kiss her face.  She had the most adorable face.  So very loved.  
💗Ellie-- what a story.  She was at a shelter and had nipped at someone.  One of the volunteers wanted to adopt her, but they would only let her go to rescue.   So, I got her.  And the volunteer adopted her from us.   She loved her for ten wonderful years.   
Freddie was my first farewell of 2020.  He left his family in late  2019 but I wanted to add him to this year's farewell.  He was such an ambassador of love for Pekes everywhere.  
💗Fushi-- her face.  I had always wanted to meet her, since she came into PVPC foster care.  She was so sweet.  
Claire's Gizmo Sunshine was a precious boy.   His mom adored him.   
Harry wasn't one of our PVPC Pekes, but he was part of our family.  His mom is a good friend of our rescue and of mine.   Harry had been rescued, and was a cherished boy.   
💗Jimmy was adopted from us.   His family has been part of our PVPC family for years.   After he died, their Ginger Snap was lonesome-- so Momo (Lucy Momo) is now part of their family. 
💗Jules was a PVPC alumni, too.   Pearl, her buddy, misses her, and so does her family.  
Lily was Abner's sister.  Abner was adopted from us and so his family are part of us.  (Abner is a therapy dog and is amazing.)  

💗Mika was one of my foster puppies years ago.   She and her mom came to us after being given up.   Mika had a wonderful life with her mom.  Sir Jenkins misses her I'm sure.   
Newman "Newmie" was the beloved boy of my friend, Emily.   He was her heart and is very missed.
💗Precious Otis.   We tried so hard to make you well.   Your foster mom, Lisa, loved you so much.   
Peanut lived with his mom and siblings in Washington-- out west.   She's part of our PVPC family and we all love her dogs.   Peanut was a special one.  
💗Jackie and Bill's Pepper Anne was a foster failure.  She was the sweetest girl and they kept her after she came to them in 2014.   She had a wonderful life.
💗 Sammy- our international boy.   He was adopted from us and then traveled with his mom and her job.   His last home was in Italy.   He was stunning.   
Shark was adopted from Elizabeth from a shelter.   He developed oral melanoma (like my Chumley).   He was very loved.
💗Simba was a PVPC foster.   His transporter fell in love with him and fostered and adopted him.  His mom, Aimee,  is awesome and helps us with transporting dogs which really helps us.  Simba lived with her and was loved the rest of his life.  
Sugar was in my area, but wasn't one of our foster dogs.   Her owner had died and Sherry stepped up and adopted her.   What a beautiful girl.
💗Sydnie-- her picture is small, but it's beautiful.   I just had to choose this one because it's so beautiful.  Her mom has fostered for us and adopted many of her fosters.  Once there, they don't usually leave.  :-)  They are loved the rest of their lives.   Sydnie was precious.  
💗Tai was stunning and so sweet.  He was his mom, Liza's heart dog.  Heart dogs are just loved at a deeper level in our heart, which means losing them is so much harder.
💗Tara was fostered by Kay and Claretta-- a wonderful little girl.  She was adopted and lived in North Caroline.   She was young, under 8 when she passed away from heart issues.
💗 Theo had quite a story-- rescued from a shelter in the western part of the state.   He was terrified, but he found love and a home with Toni.   His face was just stunning.   He adored his mom.
💗Triple came into rescue with cancer on his foot and he did great after surgery and had the most amazing mom and dad.   So many loved him.  
Willie belonged to a friend of mine-- we became friends when she wrote me for advice and to share her boy with me.   We became friends and after Willie died, she adopted Applesauce.  He has helped her heart to heal.  
Willie Wonton's family is like part of our family.   They have come to our picnics- from New York.  So, Willie was part of our family of Pekes, too.  What adventures he had. 
💗Yoshi was adopted from us.  He was beautiful.   He and his brother both passed away-- and then Yogi joined their family.   He helped his mom's heart heal. 

Regina’s Zoey left her this year.  Run free sweet one. 💖

My daughter wrote something about her Leo when he died in August of 2019.    I know it's something you can all relate to because you love your dogs so much.   She said, "Be there until the end. Be there until that last breath has left their body. Be there. Because they were always there for you."  I know you were there for your dogs.  Our loved dogs are part of our hearts forever.   💓💙💜🌈

To all of you who lost one of your beloved pets this year, my heart goes out to you.   
They may be gone, but their love never will be. 
 "It is impossible to forget a dog who gave you so much to remember."  

Wednesday, December 30, 2020


I asked you all if you could post a picture of any pets who have joined your home this year.    
And you responded!!!  These are not all our fosters, but some are.  I'll put PVPC if they were our foster dogs.

Sunny came into our rescue as a heartworm positive boy.  He finished his treatment.  And he is staying w his foster family as a permanent member!! ❤️❤️


Mitzie was another of my fosters who went to live w Amee.   Lucky girl!!  She’s a member of the family now. 
Inez, one of our previous adopters, moved to New York.  She found Sam.....
and Spot in a shelter there.  They were bonded, so she adopted them both.  They keep her busy.  I'm so glad they have a home with her.  She's an awesome owner.  
Panda Bear and Alma LaRue were adopted.  Aren't they cute!  They have another friend....
Polly Anna was there, too.   Look at those little ones who now have a forever home.   And her coat is adorable. 
Willow isn't a Peke--- I bet you noticed that.  But, one of our adopters-- Sir Jenkins' mom-- adopted him (or is it a girl?).   I'm sure Sir Jenkins loves his cat friends-- he has four now!
Baby Girl came from a shelter.  She's beautiful.    She  has such a sweet face.  💗
Nico-- nope, not a Peke, haha-- is glad to have a home and a really big bed.   Toys, too!
Reggie was one of ours-- he has the most stunning markings and is sweet, too.   He lives near me now.
Jack lives near me, too.  One day, I hope to meet him.  His mom is looking for a friend for him.   He would love a buddy.
Machi is a senior who needed a home in Florida.   Margie fell in love and he came to join her family.  What a happy day that was for all of us.

Missy Foo is 11 years old. For me, the senors are precious and I would choose them all the time.  So, I'm always thrilled when I see a senior get a forever home.  
Zoey-- my little girl.  Yep, she's staying.   She's deaf, has limited sight, mobility issues, no teeth and no lower jaw.  Perfect for us.  She's at least 12, so we hope for a few good years with her-- maybe more!   We love her.   
Bogie, one of the Potomac Six we had in PVPC, and...
Sissy were adopted together.   I miss them, but Paddington was glad.   LOL   Bogie was 11 pounds and giving Paddington a way to go.  haha.   They have the best home near me.  
I'm so glad they can be siblings the rest of their lives. 
Hugo-- I'll be doing a blog on him soon.  He has a GREAT home.  You'll find out who his mom is after the New Year.
Daisy was adopted by my sweet friend, Emily and her family.    She's older and had medical issues, and she could not have gone to a better home.  💜
Katie and Sheri were also part of the Potomac Six.   They were bonded and adopted together.  YAHOO!!!   It just made my day.   Two sisters adopted these two sisters.  
Granger 🤣-- good grief, Granger.   You wanted to be in this blog, but you were adopted five years ago.   Okay, Okay, you're my granddog, so I'll let you have a spot on this blog even though you are not new.  You're a mess, though, and you do keep us entertained.  
Applesauce-- oh, Applesauce.  You were my foster and they don't come much sweeter.  I wish I could keep them all, but I can't.  He has the best mom now and you can see he is very loved.  
Schmoo was adopted by Sherri.  He was with another rescue and she loves the older ones like I do.  
Duncan was also added to her family.   He was an old boy, blind, deaf, and in rough shape.  Some shelters won't work with rescue, so Sheri went and adopted him herself.   He is a very lucky boy!!
Kingsley is also new to his family this year.   I love his reindeer antlers.   What a beautiful boy.
Belinda/Bella was a retired breeding dog.   Her mom loves her and says she is so beautiful.  I agree.
Yogi was one of ours.   Look how handsome he is.   He can be a handful, especially at grooming time.   His mom is a groomer, so he was in the right place!   He loves to talk to the horses near him.  I'm sure it is it's quite a conversation!

Birdie is new this year to her family, but her brother...
Bellamy was adopted from us last year.   He waited and waited for his perfect home.  He went through a  few others and they just weren't right.   He struck gold in his home now!
Gigi is a beauty.   Look at how sweet she looks.  Sometimes, they can be unsure for awhile, but then, they realize they are home.
Rascal came into our rescue with Zoey.   I couldn't foster both, and they seemed to be okay without each other, so my friend, Toni, fostered Rascal.  He is 14 and lost 30 teeth in his dental. 😟 Then, he settled into his foster home-- and it turned into his forever home.  His days of moving are over.  He makes him mom smile and laugh every day.
Luna was adopted along with...
Cooper.   They are in the same family and Cooper looks like he is watching Luna's antics in the Christmas tree.  Oh boy, you'll be busy, Cooper, keeping him out of trouble.

Thank you to all of you who adopted one, or more, this year.  You are making a difference, one animal at a time.  Giving a home to an animal who needs one is a wonderful thing to do!!  They will have a great New Year and new life.