Saturday, July 31, 2010


No, I don't mean my haircut. I just wonder if you know where I am today. You can tell it's really windy! And it's getting dark and there's a storm coming. But, I had to see the waves close-up.
Here it is during the day. Palm trees.... golf course (no, I don't play golf, so this held no attraction for me). But, I have no Pekes with me. :-( They're at home with the petsitter.
My husband was ready to head to the beach and I was on the balcony/deck. If I haven't told you where I am, you can submit your guesses!
When I had Dimples (now Kaci), she was at the vet one day and we saw another dog.
He was very friendly and Dimples/Kaci was checking him out. (Those are NOT my hot pink pants-- I'm taking the picture.)
He was a very happy boy-- but this look says what he thinks about his haircut. "Can you believe my mom did this to me?"
Check it out--- it's a mohawk on a Chin mix. She trimmed him all over-- just not his head!
I am always entertained when I go to the vet-- but this dog gave entertainment a whole new meaning. :-)

Friday, July 30, 2010


Two of our former foster dogs crossed the rainbow bridge this week.
Buddy died this week. He belonged to Tony and hadn't been with her long. He was greatly loved though and will be missed. We're so sorry. Rest in peace, Buddy.
Hadrian, above, was adopted in 2004. Sally and David had him for six years and loved him so much. He was at least five to six years old when he was adopted-- with our rescues, we always have to guess their age.
Rest in peace, sweet Hadrian. ++++++++++++ +++++++++++++ ++++++++++
Most people have toilet paper hanging on the toilet paper holder in their bathroom. I have a doile. WHY? Because I have toilet paper shredding Pekingese.
I bought a pet/child proof toilet paper cover-- this is how much good it did.
Who could possibly be doing this? Take your pick! In all fairness, Caleb in front, and Pepper/Winston (the black one) are adopted, so we know it wasn't them.
Cranberry looks too sweet to do it. I know better.
Ty-Ty and Scooter are possibilities, too. But, I think Scooter is guilty-- WHY? Because I've caught him taking a trail of toilet paper down the hallway. And Cranberry will help if she gets a chance.
Scooter managed to get to it and tear it up. Toilet paper was everywhere. Who would want to use this?? Not me! It's really amazing how he managed to work around the PET PROOF holder! It doesn't work-- take my word for it.
So, this is what it looks like now. EMPTY. Or with a doile on it. Can you hang toilet paper in your house? :-) If you can, I'm envious!

Thursday, July 29, 2010


All of you know Starlight. Yesterday's blog referred to her as Baby Cujo-- a name she shares with Darby. Darby, take note-- Starlight is doing much better! Here she is with my grandson "Drill Bit." She's really amazing with children! Who would have known two and a half years ago that she would be so good!

She was sitting on the blanket with the baby and my daughter leaned over-- so Starlight jumped up and gave her a kiss. I know, you all have your mouths hanging open in stunned disbelief! Starlight loves to be held-- she HAD to be on the deck chair with me. She was perfectly content to lay behind me. :-)
And now she's watching the baby again-- check out those thighs. This is not an underfed baby. This is not from junk food-- it's all natural, just like God intended. :-) Notice the baby is in the xpen and Starlight and the rest of the dogs (NINE that day) were outside the xpen. Had to keep the baby from being run over.
Maximus' foster parents were at my house and Starlight loved them. She even got up to give David a kiss while Scooterbug sat on his lap.
But, a few night ago, my son in law and daughter were over. Starlight has barked at Jeremy for six years! But, that night, she came up to him to be picked up. Starlight has short legs and cannot jump on the couch. Jeremy said, "do I try this?" He picked her up and she didn't go "postal" on him.
She curled up on his lap and let him rub her tummy. WOW.
She rolled over for a better position.
Oh, yes, that's the spot. She is now well up on his lap. And being nice!
Jeremy was amazed and Starlight sat up for another picture before rolling over again. Miracles never cease!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Amee's Girls

It is the dog-days of summer. It's just too hot for flat-faced dogs to be outside! Darby and Sakks are just hanging out in their beds.
Or taking up both of them! This is Maddie who comes to visit.
Darby is the princess at this house-- she rules. Just like my Cranberry here. She has her mom and dad wrapped around her paws-- like most Pekes!
Darby sent me an email, so here it is. I love when the Pekes send me notes! ++++++++++++ To Ms. Linda – Mom shows me all of the things that the other pekes write in and you call it a blog so I wanted to write one too – I have to be important and have a job every once in a while, though I really love just laying in my bed.
So its been really hot here in Mechanicsville and me, Macy and Sakks were really hot and so mom decided that we needed an even shorter haircut that normal – those 100 degree days are hard on a little peke so this past weekend was grooming and bathing weekend at our house. My mom is a great groomer but I hate it and I bite – I really don’t like to have my toenails cut or my paw pads messed with – I tried to tell Mom that but she keeps telling me its for my own good so I don’t have problems with my feet – so she did them anyway and I did bite her but I tried to make it up to her. I can’t believe that I have been here almost 2 years now – time sure does fly where you are having fun and have a great home. I hope you and the gang are all doing really well – Mom keeps calling me baby Cujo – says she got it from you and your Starlight – I hope she doesn’t bite but if she does I am sure she doesn’t mean it – I am enclosing some pics – Macy, always the queen, doesn’t like her short haircut but we got a picture of her anyway – Happy Rest of the Summer – I sure will be glad when it cools off.
Love Darby (Darby, you need to be better with your nails-- Starlight let me trim her pads and cut her nails yesterday. She wants me to tell you to be better. haha)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Remember Maximus... :-)

Remember Maximus? He came into rescue and after I picked him up, he got to go to the farm with me. I took advantage of being in Richmond, and just continued on a little further. I could tell right away that Maximus loved toys.
He did great with my grandchildren, too. This is "Bitty Bit" walking him. Remember that my grandchildren have been around small and large dogs all their lives and have gentle hearts toward my rescue dogs. They know not to tease them or roughhouse with them. When I go to the farm, I have helpers! They love to help walk my fosters. (And my own dogs, like Starlight!)
The baby, "Drill Bit" couldn't fuss with Maximus at all--he was stuck in the seat. Maximus was curious about him. But, he was not a bit aggressive with the baby.
Maximus had his eye and nose surgery and is doing great. He had those big eye folds and his nose was pinched, but now that's all fixed. He is on a special diet (which three in my house are on for bladder health) and loves it! He doesn't have accidents any more now that his infection has been cleared up.
If Maximus has to go outside, he will bark to let you know. He also is very people-oriented and does not like to be left alone. He needs another dog friend, too. He is not a loner. He does like children (obviously since he loved my grandkids) so a family with kids who know how to treat dogs would be fine.
Look at Maximus now! You can see his eyes! And he can see you better, too. Of course, he had his ball in his mouth. :-) Maximus has a sweet personality. He is high-energy, even-tempered, and fun-loving, but since he's a true pekingese, he can also take very long naps! Here are some videos of Maximus. If you are interested in adopting this sweet boy, just email Click here: YouTube - maximusball Click here: YouTube - maxgolf Click here: YouTube - maximusJuly2010

Monday, July 26, 2010


Gloria has worked with Pekingese Rescue for about eight years. She has had Pekes much longer. When I got little Pearl Jaden (less than 8 pounds) out of a shelter last July, Gloria took her in.
She had a hair cut-- the mats and knots were all the way to the skin, and one of the vet techs gently loved on her as she cut away years of neglect. Pearl Jaden loved it. She was being cared for and held and talked to for the first time in a long time.
Pearl Jaden became part of Gloria's Pack. Can you see her in the middle there, determined to have a spot! She was an older girl, but I couldn't leave her in the shelter. She was in the "new room" where there was a lot of noise. She was too old to even get up on the Kuranda bed they had for her so they turned it upside down-- giving her little comfort from the wet cement floor. (This shelter now has funds to build a new building and I'm so glad! The animals there will soon have much better space to be cared for in.)
Pearl Jaden only lived three months after being rescued-- but they were months lived with love and comfort. She had her own pink bed, too. Gloria had this poster made of Pearl Jaden for the Peke Parade in Pa. Dotti Cooper does a lot of Pekingese Rescue in the New York/New Jersey area and she is a friend of our rescue group.
This says: "This picture is of Pearl Jaden who was in the parade last year and is now deceased. From one rescuer to another, I would like to commend Dottie Cooper for the wonderful work she does with Pekingese rescue. Last year, Pearl Jaden had the honor of being in the Rescue Parade. She was a Potomac Valley Pekingese Club (PVPC) rescue who was found wandering the streets, estimated to be 15. I took her to live out her life with me. Tiny Pearl Jaden could barely walk, but she knew she was loved and was thrilled when I carried her around the ring. A member of the Pekingese Club of New Jersey gave her one of the special red blankets given as show award. She LOVED being wrapped in that soft blanket. Pearl Jaden crossed the Rainbow Bridge on October 9, 2009. She was truly a treasure!" (This beautiful ad was done for Gloria by Susan Shepherd, President of the Pekingese Association.

"And when I arrive at the Bridge, all brand new,
My thought and my heart will still be with you.
And I will brag to all who will hear,
Of the people who made my last days so dear."
Author unknown Here are Gloria's Pekes now. She has some beautiful Pekes! Can you see little Nobel in the front right? I think he's looking to get into some mischief. :-) THANK YOU GLORIA FOR ALL YOU DO FOR THESE PRECIOUS PEKES.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


I went to my daughter's farm for a week to help out while her husband was out of town. I got to be with my three grandchildren! LOVED IT.
I thought it would rain while I was there. You can look at these pictures from a previous visit and imagine yourself sitting on the porch, just watching and listening to the rain. BUT IT DIDN'T RAIN THIS TIME. It was HOT. And DRY.
I took all the dogs with me-- including sweet Sammy. We originally thought Sammy was about 8, but he is so active, so playful that we think he's younger. He is a strong boy, who loves to walk and you need a firm grip on his leash because he's ready to go! Look at these videos of him playing and tell me what you think-- he acts pretty young, doesn't he?
Click here: YouTube - sammyplaying2 Click here: YouTube - sammyplaying
He got his e-collar off and I took him his new foster home in N.Va. I miss him already. That's the hard part of rescue-- we have to keep letting them go.
I kept Ty with me-- he had a lot of practice walking on a leash. He's not crazy about it, but he walked along wtih Pi-Pi, one of my daughter's dogs.
He liked Kallie, too. Kallie tried to play with Sammy -- it was really cute.
Ty saw something in the distance. What was it?
He's looking under the fence for a better Peek-- or Peke. :-)
Oh, it's beautiful horses! My daughter has three horses and a pony.
She also has two Pekingese-- here's Lottie. She's over ten now and the queen there. She is actually related to the queen here (Cranberry). They're cousins-- must be something in the genes that makes them both want and demand to be queen.
Starlight helped the grandgirls do art projects. They were working with puffy paint-- I was hoping Starlight wasn't getting too close. I did NOT need a Puffy Paint Pekingese!

And then it was time to go home-- I had so much fun, and got to hold my 7 month old grandson a lot. I'm ready to go back! Where are you going this summer?