Friday, July 23, 2010


We were told there was a Pekingese in a shelter in Maryland. We took in another dog from the same shelter. Paige, one of our Maryland foster moms, went right over to see him.
He was a stray, but so friendly. He also had a lot of fleas. We can deal with fleas! Bomb those little things!
Paige named him Pax, since he was found near Patuxent River, Maryland. He appears to be housebroken. He isn't bothered by the other dogs or by the cat that lives there.
He is a big boy at twenty pounds-- but not overweight. There is just a lot of him to love.
He loves his toys -- especially this tennis ball!!
I think he's looking for more toys!
Here are two videos of Pax.
Click here: YouTube - the toy box.3GP

Click here: YouTube - TheLepaige's Channel

If you have plenty of toys :-), Pax might be the dog for you!


lady jicky said...

Pax is a great dog!
I think by the way he was looking in that toy box that he has been going through rubbish bins etc to find food , the poor guy.
I am sending big adoption vibes for him.
He would make a lovely family dog!

Karin said...

He's not about to give up his tennis ball, is he? His seems to have an "experienced" expression about him, like he's been through a lot. If only they could talk. It's just amazing these little guys even survive on the streets.

emilyp said...

What a handsome little guy:) I hope he finds a home super fast:)