Friday, April 16, 2021


Gypsy-Boy came to us in early March.  He had been found on the railroad tracks in the western part of Virginia.
Here is a before and after shot.   
He had a haircut in the before, because he was so matted and dirty.  
He had a mass in his mouth, horrible teeth, and one of his eyes was in bad shape.
Vetting began right away.   He had a heart murmur and began medication.   We had to wait for any kind of surgery until he was stabilized.  
Yesterday, he had his right eye removed, the mouth mass was removed (and not cancer) and he lost most of his teeth.   He couldn't be neutered due to the amount of time he was sedated, so that will be done later.    
He will now begin to feel better, especially since the eye was giving him serious issues.   New life began when he came to us, but another big step to a good life was made yesterday.   He is on meds for pain and we will keep him as comfortable as we can.   Sherry is his foster mom--    She is doing all she can to make him comfortable.   He  has gained a little weight and he loves cuddling with her on the couch.    He's safe now-- and he's loved.  Life will just keep getting better!   

Thursday, April 15, 2021


Granger is always getting ready for the next adventure.  He's pondering what it will be.
He tried to learn to drive on his trip.   I see sleepy eyes-- so I think that was a fail.
Taking over furniture--he's good at that, but he still wants more to do.
As you know, boxes are his favorite.
He makes windows and doors...
Now, he's ready for new adventures.   He's interested in spontaneous gardening.  Or are you attempting to excavate?
Do you want to try spelunking?  That's an exploration of caves for fun.  LOL   
Maybe he wanted to dabble in archeology.   How deep did you dig, Granger?   Maybe he wants to go into the mining business?  
Whatever he's doing, he sure is dirty!!   It may be time for a bath.  
And that's exactly what happened.  So, now he's clean, and begging for a treat.   I should say he's clean for NOW.   We know he's going to try finding treasures today.  I see another bath coming his way.  

Wednesday, April 14, 2021


Bric was in a local shelter.   He was turned in by his owner.  She had him his entire life, so I'm not sure why she gave him up.   
He was terrified in the shelter.   He didn't know anybody!!
We got part of a harness on, but he wouldn't let us do the rest.  It's okay, buddy, we know you don't know us.
He kept jumping on my leg, wagging his tail, so he wanted to trust me.  He just didn't yet.
He reminded me of our Starlight.
She did trust me right away, but no one else.  She became Attila the Hun if anyone tried to touch her.  All ten pounds of her was just ferocious.  (We figured out she wanted to live with us, so she did, for ten years!)
Brik's posture shows he is confused, and he needs to decompress.
He's with his foster sister, Suzie, and she'll help him.
He is taking treats from his foster mom, Marti.
He even asked if he could sit on the couch with her.  He will have a dental on Thursday and then, we will start looking for a home for him.   He will need a patient person who will give him time to trust.  Someone who has a quieter home than mine (any home is calmer than mine!) and allow him to become comfortable there.   He's only 13 pounds and about 12 years old.  Don't worry, little man, you're going to be just fine.  

Tuesday, April 13, 2021


I've done rescue almost 18 years (next month).   And there are days, I think, "why do I keep doing this?"    I'm tired with everything else going on.  And 18 years is a LONG time in rescue.   There is a thing called Compassion Fatigue.   Continuing to see the animals in distress is hard.    But, you encourage me.  How?  Well, yesterday, I was asked if I knew how to get a wheelchair/cart for Happy.   
Happy was adopted from us.  His family is wonderful!  They adopted Berry, who was blind and who passed away.  Then, they adopted Happy, who is blind.  He has eyes, but he can't see anything.   They also adopted Stewart (see below), who has no eyes.  His family had turned him into a shelter.  Now, who wants a dog with no eyes-- well.  a LOT of us do!   
I posted asking for wheelchairs that were no longer being used-- and you all stepped up SO FAST that I was astounded.   If you are discouraged, just look at our site.  You find the most giving people EVER!
Penny and Gizmo's mom said she would send Jay Jay's wheelchair.  He only used it a short time before he passed away.  She said to just send the address and she would mail it.  WOW.
Thea's mom didn't have one, but she said she's contribute to buying one!  Several of you did that!
Stewart's mom and I were amazed-- and happy and encouraged.  
Crosby's mom had Triple's wheelchair.   We all remember Triple.  He came to us with foot cancer and lost his leg.  Did that slow down an adoption.  Not one bit!   Tara adopted him and adored him as long as he was with her.  Tara offered to give us his wheelchair.  
Abner's mom, Mary, said she had one she could send.  AMAZING!   (Remember Abner was a puppy of six months when I got him from a rural shelter and now he's a certified therapy dog.  WOW WOW.)  
I can get discouraged.  Rescue is hard.  It can be very emotionally draining.   But, I went outside, and spring is here.  I saw new life all around me.   And I looked around at all the dogs at my house-- everyone of them has a story.    We are a house full of stories.  
And I'm grateful because of all the love and caring I see in our group.  And each one of you who has donated, or adopted, or encouraged us is part of our group.   
So, I continue rescue and share my couch (they give me a sliver of space).   And I see love all around me.  So, thank you.  All of your responses to the wheelchair request show how much love there is in our group.   You are all the best!  

Monday, April 12, 2021


Penny was one of the younger ones we rescued in the Bristol 18 rescue of 2010.  She joined Phyllis’ family and  thrived in her care. 
That group of Pekes was in tough shape, but Penny was a lucky one.  She had been kept inside.  
Penny w her brother, Jay Jay.  He passed away and Penny was alone.  
Jay Jay was also adopted from us— he had a “personality.”   ❤️  But, he was loved.  
Penny was not used to being alone. 
She and her friends used to keep track of the neighborhood.  
Her mom thought she needed a buddy. 
So, her mom (a wonderful friend of our rescue) decided to see if Gizmo could join their family.  (I wrote about Gizmo and Leo a few days ago.). 
Gizmo wasn’t too sure what was happening at first, but he is already settling in. 
And now Penny has a friend.  And Gizmo has his forever home.  A win-win for the heart. ❤️❤️

Sunday, April 11, 2021


Bogie is setting the example for today.  Grab a chair and sit in the sunshine.  
Paddington says the grass is fine, too. 
If you have time, curl up and take a nap.  
Bogie and Sissy think Sunday is a fine day to rest.  Maybe I’ll join them!   

Saturday, April 10, 2021


Granger gave up his hobby of...
Digging so that he could go on vacation.  
He decided he needed a trip and he let his family come, too.  
They went to the mountains.  
Granger helped w the driving some 
And he slept. 
Gigi just sniffed the mountain air. 
She helped w corn hole. I don’t think this is how it works. 
Granger supervised bocci ball. 
He checked out the cabin tub.   Ummm, take off your belly band.  
He took over the best chair. 
There were waterfalls.  But, he didn’t get to go. 
He did try rock climbing.   
He enjoyed the sunsets. 

He enjoyed watching the wild life.  
He let his family know if something special was there to see. 
Like the sunsets. 
What a great vacation. ❤️❤️