Wednesday, April 7, 2021


Zoey is a sweet one and she gets along w all the dogs.  
By that, I mean she ignores them.  🤣
She only cares about me.  She’s a one-person Peke.  Some are.  
If she can go w me somewhere, she does.  She’s secure w me.  She latched on to me almost immediately when she came into rescue. 
She has come so far. Her cost is thick and she is healthy.  She’s my shadow. 
The other day, I couldn’t find her.   Calling her doesn’t help since she’s deaf.  She has very limited vision so it’s hard to get her attention.  
I looked all over— every room downstairs.  
She was probably watching me going back and forth.  Silly mom. 
She was in the little bed under the school desk.  The whole time.  
Zoey is a senior. She has older age health issues.  But, the love is there in massive amounts.  She’s a precious girl.  💖💖


LadyJicky said...

Oh she is just adorable Linda.

Lost Earring said...

This is so precious, hidden away in a little nest of her own making while watching Momma rush back and forth and content because she feels your presence but not your worry.

Unknown said...

Beautiful senior girl! I had one that lived to be 18 yrs old and he was my shadow. Miss him terribly. I still have one that is 16. I rescued both together 15 yrs ago. They were quite a handful! Lots of love and joy!