Sunday, February 28, 2021



To benefit Potomac Valley Pekingese Club.   Any donation sent in (even monthly ones) will be matched up to $5,000. 
Daisy passed away and her dad wants to honor her life.   He emailed me with a significant amount of money to match. 
Daisy and her dad Rich shared a wonderful love-- what a story they had.  He wants to honor her life.
We will do this in two fundraisers of $5,000 each.  There is no time limit on this.  Once the first fundraiser is met, we will begin another. 
 He said Daisy would approve of this and want to help other Pekes.  
Daisy was a loving, beautiful Peke whose Dad rescued her.   She was so grateful for her new life and love.   Thank you to her dad, Rich,  for this wonderful fundraising gift.   💗💜💝💟

Saturday, February 27, 2021


Bogie let me know it’s raining.  AGAIN. 
Jackson says, “WHAT?”
Fancy (more on her later) looked out the sliding door and looked at her foster mom, “REALLY?!”  
Piper just sat looking at the rain. 
Me?  I’m going to listen and sip my coffee. Zoey is on my lap.  It’s going to be a good day. 😄🌧

Friday, February 26, 2021


Sneaky Wu loves his snowflake sweater-- perfect for snowy weather.
Sarah's boy was ready to take on pirates.
But, this warm sweater was more cozy!
Gwinn loves his jacket.  His mom, Penny, said, "It's a Chilly Dogs coat. The neck area is fleece and there's fleece inside the back and the top layer is waterproof. It's just a quick over the head and the flap that snaps on the back covers the chest nicely. Easy on and off. "
Taz and Allie Marie have lots of secrets to share.   
Leo loves his red coat-- perfect for a snowy day.  
This is Cherry in her Aussi Oil coat.....
Buffy is always in style.  She has awesome harnesses, too!
Nicco isn't a Peke, but that's okay.  He's adorable.  
Applesauce loves his sweaters-- and he does get attention when he goes outside.  He is a popular boy.  
This is Freddie Leaf's brother-- he's beautiful!  
Charlie looking for a place to do his business ❤️
Polo was ready to join someone in a toast! 
Sophie was warm on her walk and decided to nap in her sweater.   Zoey does the same.
Pudgie is a little windblown, but he doesn't care.   He's warm!
Daisy (Blondee) says, "Please!  This is humiliating." 
Buffy again-- beautiful!  
Rollie, I love the plaid jacket.  I love plaid anything! 
Anna wanted nothing to do with this rain slicker-- it went right back to the store.  
Anna approved of this one.
Gigi had a waterproof jacket on, with a sweater underneath.  The cold weather means layers for some.  

Gigi didn't like this one as much-- it comes loose on a walk-- we can't have that!! 
Here’s Gomez enjoying a chilly walk on the beach.
Crosby said he doesn't want to dress up for cold weather.  He just wants to be by a warm fire.  I think that's a great idea!  

Thursday, February 25, 2021


Sophia Francesca had corrective surgery on her right leg. 
She is a tiny one and a year and a half old.  
At about 11 months, her legs began bowing out a lot.  
We know Pekes have bowed legs, but Sophia’s were extremely bowed.  The bones were also twisting.  
She needed corrective radial osteotomy surgery. She had to be confined during the healing process.  Only one leg at a time can be done.   
No, she didn’t jump up here. 😀.  Her mom put her up because Sophia wanted to look out the window. And she’s at the end of healing on this leg.  Now to get ready for her left leg surgery. 
Sophia has been such a good sport through it all and doing the surgery will help so much.   Without it, early arthritis would develop and back injuries could begin from the front legs being shorter than the back legs.  Her mom loves her so much and wanted the best life for her.  Good girl Sophia. 💖💖

Wednesday, February 24, 2021


We had a request to take in this little 7 year old.   
Her family had turned her into the shelter.  They had adopted her five years ago from the same shelter.   
Dolly was in the house when a break in occurred.  She was traumatized-- and in typical Peke behavior, she became more protective of her family.   She began to not like strangers in the house-- she was loyal to her family. 

We first went to the vet.   She had all the tests done we do (4DX, bloodwork, urinalysis, ear and eye check, and teeth checked.   She needs a dental badly, and has a heart murmur.  (The two could be related-- bad teeth can effect the heart.)   
I took her to her foster home and we saw Dickson!!   He is a forever foster now and so sweet.  
We saw Rascal.  His foster mom adopted him.  Look at that little snaggle tooth!
Dolly was nervous, but never acted badly.   Changes can be hard, but she is so sweet.
She is under ten pounds, but could gain a little bit.   She curled up with Layla, one of the dogs there.
Dinnertime?  Yum!!  She ate every bit!   
She tried all the beds and found one she liked.   We are not accepting applications at this time for her.  We want her to decompress and realize she is worth loving.  And she is!