Sunday, January 31, 2021


Gizmo and Leo came into rescue.  Their elderly owner could not care for them.  
They’re in rough shape and will need help. They haven’t been to a vet for a long time.   We will have to begin everything. 
After their ride to their foster home, they had a bath.  They desperately needed one.   They will see the vet and receive the care they need.  We know they need dentals, but first, they will be lived and warm in their foster home. 
They are 14 year old brothers and they are sweet boys.  
Welcome to rescue, little ones.  ❤️❤️ 

Saturday, January 30, 2021


Daisy (of the Potomac Six) has come to visit. 
Her foster parents went out of town so Daisy is staying w us. 
Bogie, Zoey and Sissy were excited at first, but then...
Daisy is such a happy girl. 
She loves belly rubs. 
She just had her second heartworm treatment.  
So, as cute as she is, we can’t let her run around. 
Bogie is keeping an eye on Daisy while I hold her. 
Zoey and Sissy are resting.  They don’t care. 
Daisy will rest and be held and go slow.  
She has her own area to rest.  We can’t let her play or move fast.  It’s critical at this stage of treatment. 
She’s going to nap w the others for now. With me right there to make sure she rests.  She’s such a precious girl. 💖

Friday, January 29, 2021


We were told we would get snow, but I had my doubts. 
We woke up and Paddington, Bogie and Piper went to check the weather. 
There was snow!! 
We wouldn’t be using this bench today! 
Zoey, Bogie and Paddington ventured out.  
We had our snowman flag up out front.  (After Christmas, we decorate w snowmen for fun.) 
Minnie had on a snowman sweater. 
The back porch has a snowman flag. 
We have a snowman stool.  
And a snowman pillow. 
And snow doggies!  
What was all this stuff? 
Virtual teaching was a little off since Sugar Bit’s teacher had bad internet so we read this. 
And we had “recess” outside.  Throwing snowballs at me was great fun for her. 🤦‍♀️🤣❄️❄️
Zoey didn’t too much of this cold stuff and I carried her in. 
It is so pretty.  It’s above freezing, so it will be gone soon. But, we enjoyed our snow day!!  ❄️❄️

Thursday, January 28, 2021


Granger is so lazy.  His sister, Gigi wonders what he is doing. 
Granger has his family home all the time because of virtual learning.  His kids are there.  My daughter is a teacher, so she’s there, too. He gets used as a lap desk. 🤣
He helps w the planning board.  He’s good w that. 
Let’s get out of the house!   He forgets that if they were in school, he would still be in the house. 
Remember when he ate the door? 🤦‍♀️
Well, now he’s eating cardboard.  He says if everyone is doing virtual, he’s going to entertain them.  Amazon brings boxes.  Granger will be the shredder. 
“Watch how its done.” 

He’s become an artist w cardboard!   Oh, Granger.  You do keep us entertained   ❤️❤️

Wednesday, January 27, 2021


Jackson is doing great!   
He and Susie are great buds- well, kind of.  She really wants him to play, but he's laid back and just wants to veg.  
They all went to visit some family friends.   This is Bubby with him-- I love that name!   Makes me smile.   😊 Bubby is a Jack Russell/Hound mix.
They had a big field/yard to roam in and Jackson loved it.  Susie, are you out there-- I see you!
Jackson walked all over the yard and went in to explore the house.

He went over a step up with NO problem!!  He didn't even trip.  YAHOO.   He's an amazing little boy.   Here he is with Jackson and Lucky Charm (a Walker Hound like Callie).   After all that exploring, he was ready for a nap.   Good idea!! 

Tuesday, January 26, 2021


Cody came into rescue in 2007. 
Paige, his foster mom, was told he was a biter but he wasn’t!  He was a sweetheart.  
He was the nicest boy and Paige decided to keep him. 
When he was 3, he needed back surgery to restore the use of his legs.   He fully recovered. 
He was the first dog to meet a new foster. He was so sweet w them. 
He was a perfect boy. 
He loved his donut bed.  It was so comfy. 
He was gentle w children.  His shelter evaluation was so wrong.   
He was a lover, not a biter. 
The last six months, his legs began to give out again.   He was not comfortable.  He was about 15 years old.  
His mom held him as she let him go.  He will so missed by his doggy and human family.   Run free now, sweet boy.  


I’m w Paddington.  Today is a good day to go back to bed. 
Zoey agreed. 

 Time for a day off. 🐾

Monday, January 25, 2021


I told you that I like to use January to slow down.   So do the dogs.   Beds by the fireplace are awesome.   
I see pictures that make me make me just want to sit and look at it.  SO relaxing.  Quiet.  Do you have quiet in your life this month?  
Kim's girl agrees that fireplaces are wonderful.
Luna, Monk and Nippy had their baths this week-end, and now they are ready for some relaxing moments.
Fancy didn't know how to relax at all, but she has made some wonderful steps.  She is resting against her foster mom's shoulder.  Such a gift to see this. 💜
Bogie is great at relaxing.   He can do it anywhere, any month.
Zoey can relax.  I need to learn how to do it better.  How do you relax in January?