Wednesday, January 6, 2021


Newby came into rescue yesterday and I only have a few pictures. 
We were asked to help him because he is partially paralyzed.  
He is a beautiful 8 month old boy.  The owner asked for our help and of course, we said yes!   And the great thing is that she was only a few miles from me.  
I took him immediately to our incredible vet, Acredale Animal hospital  in Virginia Beach. He was admitted to my vet and in on IV fluids and pain meds.  My vet is staffed 24/7 w vets and techs. We have done xrays and will see if he improves.  If not, the next step will be a specialist and possible surgery.   I hope rest and meds will be what he needs.  Stay tuned for updates on this baby.


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LadyJicky said...

Oh he is so young. So, so sad.
Newby is in the BEST place and I send healing prayers to him.