Friday, May 31, 2019


Sir Gizzie is an older boy who was taken to a shelter by his owner.   Another one. ☹️
 Ida stepped right up to get him.  There was a mix up, and he was sedated for neuter, so he was very groggy. 
 They retrieved him, sleeping, and he was on his way.  We will neuter and do a dental on him once he settles in.
 It meant he slept the entire way to his new foster home.
Sweet boy, your life has just changed!πŸ’—

Thursday, May 30, 2019


My friend, Melinda, in Australia, has Yum Yum--- 
 And Yum Yum just turned a year old!!  The honey and spice cake was delicious.
 He took his presents to his crate...
 "Do you have more for me?"
 "I'll give you my sad face if you don't."  LOL
 And even sadder, droopy face...
 "Had you fooled, didn't I!"
 His family had lots of gifts for him.
 His mom's granddaughter and grandson were there to celebrate.
 Melinda and her daughter joined the picture.
 Yum Yum is just stunning.
 He is trotting off to see if there are more gifts hidden in the yard.
He had a wonderful birthday!!

Wednesday, May 29, 2019


 Fushi, a female and Ming, a male, are a bonded pair who have just come into rescue and are being fostered in Richmond. 
 Their story is sad.  They were adopted from another rescue into a great home, but the owner suddenly passed away.   A relative of the owner took the two dogs from their home-- supposed to give them a home.   But, did she?  Nope!  She took them home to Wyoming and dumped them on a road.  Someone saw it happen and called Animal Control.   The dogs were picked up and they had microchips.   The owners granddaughter had put the dogs into her name (not the owners) in case something happened.  She was called and drove all the way to Wyoming to get them.  WOW. 
The rescue took them back and asked us for help since she usually had large dogs.  We gladly took them into our rescue and are giving them time to decompress from the shock of all they went through.   They will be available soon, to go to a new home together.   They are sweet dogs. 
(People are amazed at some of the stories we encounter in rescue-- they are unbelievable.  We have to focus on going forward.  We want to make their futures amazing.)

Tuesday, May 28, 2019


Happy just came into rescue after his owner could no longer care for him.  She had Alzheimer's so his care has not been what it needed to be, but the owner didn't know.
His eyes are in bad shape and his foster immediately began lubricating drops. 
He is only 7 years old, and so HAPPY!  His name fits.
He is just beautiful though.
He will see the vet and ophthalmologist if needed, and everything will be done to help his eyes.  Other than that, he is perfect.
He has some vision and we hope we can improve that.
He will be looking for a new home soon!

Monday, May 27, 2019


I’m taking a day off to honor those who serve and have died for our country. The greatest sacrifice a person can make— to give his/her life for another.   Thank you for your sacrifice to give us freedom ❤️πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ  And to the families they left behind.

Sunday, May 26, 2019


 When Sugar Bit gets my phone to take pics, I never know what I’ll have. Piper is one of her subjects.
So is Max.  I found pictures of dogs. Lots of dogs.  But, I also had plants and laundry baskets and me loading the washing machine.
I won’t post those. 🀣. But, we will say Happy Sunday from everyone at Camp Runamuck   ❤️

Saturday, May 25, 2019


 Petey's journey continued this week.  He had been with me awhile and did so well.
 Mizmo said, "Where did he go?"
 The gang welcomed Monk and Nippy, Georgia's Pekes (Petey's foster mom).
 Monk and Paddington were checking out each other.
 Petey was just hanging out.
 Monk was strolling on the old Pekingese Pathway.   How many Pekes (and Bits) have used that walkway.
 What a cutie!
 Nippy checked out the dog scents in the yard.
 Mizmo wondered who all the dogs were.
 "Don't worry-- I'm friendly!"
 More join Mizmo on the porch steps.
 How many Pekes can fit on one landing.
 What did they see?  I have no idea!
 Petey arrived back at his original foster home.
 He's doing just fine-- and he went on a walk, in his own stroller.
Georgia is going to check on getting him a front wheel cart to see if that helps him.  For now, he's doing just fine, with Monk and Nippy to show him the way.   ❤️

Friday, May 24, 2019


Mr. Petey came to me last month, and settled right in. 
He has a very bad front leg, but he gets around, and if excited, he even runs!
He relaxed and was happy.
He got a new harness (thank you Joy) and fancy belly bands.  We think he must have lived outside, because he isn't house trained, but he made improvement. 
Minnie followed him around yesterday.  Did she know he was getting ready to leave and return to his foster home in Fairfax, VA?
He has the sweetest face. 
He can look at you and your heart melts.
He wasn't crazy about all the dogs here, but he did okay.  If he needed a time out, he went to his playpen. 
He learned to trust after probably not trusting people for a long time. 
 His hair is growing back, after over a pound of hair was shaved off, but he is so cute, hair or not.  I have so many dogs here that I needed to just not have so many-- Petey will have less dogs and probably a calmer environment that here at Camp Runamuck.
I'll miss his sweet face and his wagging tail.   But, his foster mom will keep me updated.  I love this little man.