Friday, May 17, 2019


 I visited Mizmo at the vet on Thursday, and was going to leave him longer, but hated him being there if I could help him here until he went to his foster home. 
 So, I brought him home, and he met the other dogs-- did fine-- and the Bits.  I told them to just watch him since he's new.   They are so used to new dogs coming and they know how to be so good around them.
 He had on a new harness (thank you Joy!) and a new collar and tag. 
 He was fine with all the dogs sniffing him.
 His "room" was all set up for when I can't watch him, and for at night. 
 He checked out Petey's room next door.  😃  "Are you my new friend?"
 He has a LOT of meds and eye drops.
 He has a special shampoo that I have to use every day until his recheck.
 I let him rest after he came here so he could adjust to everything.
 Later, he came out on the porch with us.  The fan was blowing his hair and he loved it. 
 He found a big poofy bed on the porch....
and curled up and went to sleep.   The sleep of a dog who knows he is safe and loved and cared for. 
We are rescue.  💜


LadyJicky said...

Oh he is just so sweet Linda.
What a life he must have had but he is with you now and I hope he will get better and be able to get a new Adoptive family.

Chris said...

The mutual benefits must be so rewarding. Thank you for rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming these little dogs. You have a remarkably generous heart.