Monday, March 31, 2014


 I've talked of my good friend, Melinda, before.  She lives in Australia and I have to remember that the seasons are the opposite of ours.  
 Melinda has Moi Moi and Coco-- both rescued.    Melinda just went on vacation and she shared the pictures with me.    (Many of my blog readers know her as Lady Jicky on my comments.)  
 Melinda and Steve went to New Zealand on vacation.  
 They were about 3 hours from Auckland-- and did a lot of day trips.  I can only dream of going to New Zealand.
They flew over an active marine volcano call White Island.   She said, "Its active and you can see the smoke and smell the sulphur . There was a sulphur mine there but the volcano erupted and they did not come back! You see bubbling sulphuric mud there. Rotorua was the place we picked up the plane in and this city is known for the geysers and hot mud pools plus the smell of sulphur in the air all the time. You know they call New Zealand the “shaky isle “  because of earthquakes. " 

 There are trees there called  Pohutukawa-- it's nickname is the New Zealand Christmas Tree.  
Melinda said she had always wanted to see it in bloom.     It's beautiful!
 They had a wonderful time there-- and since so many of you know Melinda, I wanted to share the pictures with you.    
 I can almost feel like I'm there, too.  
 Now this looks fun, but later.....
  A cyclone (storm)  came in-- and you can almost feel it from the picture.
 This was on Mount Maunganui (a Maori name).    This mountain is an extent volcano-- I prefer that kind!  
 I love the look of the sky here.
 Melinda's husband Steve loved the boats.
 There were a lot of them!
 Melinda looked for Pekingese there-- but she only saw two Pugs.  
 And an 8 month old husky.    He was being trained to relax on the boats since he will spend a lot of his life on the water.
 Moi Moi and Coco had to stay at home with Melinda's mom watching them.    This is Coco.
 And she's rolling over, enjoying the nice autumn day.  
 Moi Moi was giving a high five here.
 I know they were both so excited to have their mom and dad home after their trip.   It's just not the same without them.
I hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as I did-- I just had to share them with you!  

Sunday, March 30, 2014


 Alastor has on his Irish hat-- St. Patrick's Day is close to spring, so maybe he thought this would bring a bit of the "luck of the Irish" and warm weather would come.
 Desi wasn't convinced though-- she was being snowed on the other day.
 What is going on?
 There are daffodils blooming----
 So why is it still cold and snowy????
 Let me make sure this daffodil is real, and it's really here.     Yes, it's real.    I'll lick it to  make sure.
 And I can see that's still snow on the ground.   What gives!
 Dollar seems a bit perplexed by it, too.    Snow is on his head, his coat, on the ground.  GO AWAY WINTER.
Sweet Smuchie is content whatever the weather.    He's so laidback, he doesn't seem concerned.   I guess we could all learn a lesson from him.    Just enjoy whatever is here, be thankful for all the love around us and just wait patiently-- I know spring is coming.   

Saturday, March 29, 2014


 Beau Beau was adopted from us and his moms have taken in Pumpkin.   She is getting incredible care there.
 Domino was also adopted from us.    Who's by his side?   I'll have to find out!
 Here's Pumpkin.   I think she's learned where the refrigerator is and what good things are in it.
 When she was turned into a shelter by her owner, she didn't have a chance of adoption.  She desperately needed a dental and good food.    She doesn't hear well, but she certainly can find the refrigerator.
 What do they have?   Good treats?
Her coat is soft and healthy now, and she is loved and has a wonderful place to live.    What else could she want?

Friday, March 28, 2014


Koko came to me a week ago-- she was turned into a shelter by her owner and was just terrified.    Her owner didn't bother to let the shelter know she was prone to seizures and once I got her, she had ten seizures in 48 hours.   She is now on medication and doing great!    We will have her med levels checked and then she will be on seizure meds daily.   I have two dogs with seizure disorder and they  have done incredible since they went on medication years ago.   Seizures, for most dogs, are very easy to manage.
She loves being here and is getting more comfortable here.   In fact, she laid her head on Kai Kai's back, with Beach Bit beside them, and they all took a rest.
She knows my home now and follows me all over.
Rammi, my other foster dog, keeps an eye on her.  
Scooter, my senior boy, is checking up on her, too.  Scooterbug has been on seizure meds for a long time.   He is almost 13.
I let her eat in the playpen so she can eat at her own pace.  Everyone has an eating spot, and this is hers.   She doesn't seem to be food aggressive at all, but this way, no one else can try to help her eat.
She will curl up on a dog  bed and go to sleep-- but if I move, she'll follow me.
I tried a thundershirt on her when I got her, to help relax her and the seizures, and she seemed to do better-- but now she doesn't need it.    Thundershirts are like swaddling and it can give a lot of comfort to a stressed dog.
Just look at her now-- she loves wandering the yard with the gang, she is sweet, 11.5 pounds and 7 years old.   She is not a player, she is a lover and just wants to be with you.    If you are interested in her, let us know.

Thursday, March 27, 2014


Mimi was adopted from us years ago-- she is Mika's mom.  Mika belongs to Laura, who also has Sir Jenkins, Milo and Luca.
 Mimi is known for hogging the bed-- or should that be "peke-ing" the bed?
 Mimi is the smallest in her home, as she lives with big dogs, but she is definitely in charge.
 Here is Ginny, adopted from us, who is visiting with.  She decided to be the secretary for the day, but she's not doing a very good job (according to Abby).   Gee, she looks like she is very intent to me.   Those paws do get in the way of using the keyboard though.
Yes, Mimi is in charge-- could you give them a bit more space? :-)