Tuesday, March 4, 2014


 Annabelle has short little legs.   She had a rough time getting around in Maryland in the snow.
 Jojo was checking out the snow-- he is healing from eye surgery.   One of his eyes had to be removed and he's doing great.
 Pretty soon, Jojo's facial hair will have all grown back and he'll be fine.    A lot of Pekes lose an eye.  After all, they don't have a nose in front to protect their eyes, and Pekes' eyes are pretty shallow based, and they bulge a bit-- so they can get injured.
 Annabelle thought she heard a blue-tailed lizard.  She loves to chase them in the summer.
 Her dad was teasing her a bit, and would toss tiny pieces of ice/snow and she would think the noise was a lizard-- and she would look for it.   Of course, the snow pieces just blended in and she couldn't find them.  
I know, Annabelle, not a nice trick to play on you!   But, don't worry, the blue-tailed lizards will be back before you know it and you can chase them to your heart's content.    For now, just stay warm.

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