Friday, March 14, 2014


Marshall came into a Maryland shelter and they asked us for help.  
They said he had an injured leg and couldn't put it any weight on it.   He is only about a year old.
He was ready to leave the shelter!
He is at Jeanne's house in Richmond and the vet there said he needed hip surgery.    He is getting around fine, but the surgery will help him.
He is totally not an alpha dog and gets along great with Jeanne's pack.
Hanging out on the deck or porch is wonderful on warm days.
Carter barked at him at first, but now he's his friend.
Marshall has a solemn look, but he is a happy, loving boy.
What are you looking at sweet one?
Gus is there, too, and still waiting for a home.   He is adorable!   I just love him!    We fall in love with all our foster dogs.   We have the opportunity to help and love so many.  
Marshall will be available for adoption as soon as his  surgery is done and he has recovered.  If you are interested in him, let us know and we can keep you updated on his progress.    

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