Monday, March 24, 2014


 Teddy came into rescue almost 3 years ago-- he came in with Cosme and they are both now permanent residents in their home.
 Teddy is about 11 years old now.   You know I love the seniors, and this one is so cute!
 He's a happy boy!
 Could you find a cuter face?  
 He had a job this year-- helping supervise his mom's painting of the kitchen cabinets.   It was a big job for him and a bigger one for his mom!
He had a front row seat to make sure it was all done well.   And he did a great job because the kitchen is finished and Teddy can move on to find another need for his expertise.   Great job, Teddy!


lady jicky said...

You know ..... that there Boy is a "Teddy Bear" !!!

Tedd's has two girlfriends in Australia .... they think he is a spunk!

Unknown said...

Good Boy Teddy!! Wanna come help with my fence line and barn now?!?! LOL