Thursday, March 20, 2014


Ricky and LJ are great friends.     Ricky was adopted from me (he was my foster dog) in 2004.  
He was the SWEETEST dog and still is.
His mom moved to my area four years ago and I've been able to see Ricky and his mom.   We have a favorite lunch place!
LJ joined their family about 3 years ago and is full of energy.
Ricky is about 11 now, but LJ keeps him young.
I love Ricky and he and Scooter were great friends-- Scooter is now almost 13, so both of them are getting a bit older.
Like Scooter, Ricky likes to veg a lot-- LJ tries to get him to play, but naps are fun.
I love getting to love so many Pekingese by fostering them and then letting them go to wonderful homes.    I keep a piece of their heart here-- and maybe they keep a piece of mine with them.  

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lady jicky said...

Oh I just love to see them sleeping together!
Soul mates!!!