Friday, March 14, 2014


I asked a groomer about this and she said:   "I have to agree with this. Although I shave my guys every summer, Shami's coat hasn't grown back right since he was 5. Yoshi's coat grows back beautifully every year but he doesn't have the same coat as Shami. His coat is the flat laying type."    

I have my groomer trim Max each spring, but not shave him down.     What do all of you do?


Paladin2010 said...

We have always had the "puppy" cut for our pekes in the summer. With their short noses and the high summer heat and humidity, the long coat of a peke is too stressful for them to really get out and have a good walk in the heat of summer. We let it grow longer in the fall but still keep it trimmed so that he does not pick up so much road dust and rain water. I get what the article is saying, but pekes were bred by humans to have the characteristics that they have, we beleive that be responsible parents we need to make it as easy as we can for them.

Unknown said...

My sister always shaves her pekes in the summer..and skooters never grew back the same way but she does it for me because of my allergies. They still have lots of fur on them just not as long :) It really helps with my allergies & we dont have to give them up :) I think its a win-win in my situation !

Toni Davis said...

I spoke with Jodi Cotten's groomer and she said the reason Noki's coat is so gorgeous is that he has never been shaved/puppy cut. He is trimmed only every 4-6 weeks. She says shaving/puppy cuts ruins their natural hair!