Wednesday, March 5, 2014


 Jeffrey is a 5 year old Peke who came in from a shelter after being "lost" three times.    He had a microchip and it was called in three different times in different places.   I don't know if his owners moved around, but he got lost a lot!
 He's a big boy at 24 pounds-- he's been on a diet to lose some weight.   He has a lot of hair also, so he looks bigger than he is.
 He likes to go for walks, but in the house, he is a low-energy boy.    He is not overly needy and loves to spend time in the yard.  
 Jeffrey is also house trained and has given no tendency to mark.   YAY!!    He is also good with baths and nail trims.
If you would like to give this sweet Peke a forever home, just let us know.

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