Thursday, March 13, 2014


 Rammi Ju has a new friend-- Maddie, the Chesapeake Bay Retriever puppy that my daughter found in a ditch near the interstate.  (No one ever claimed it, so she has a home now with my daughter's family.)
 Maddie looks big here, but she is about 12-14 weeks old-- definitely bigger than a Peke.
 We put a kiddie pool out the other day because it was so warm.   Want to get in?
 "No way," said Rammi Ju!
 Beach Bit filled the pool and Maddie watched.
 Rammi Ju watched.     Maddie had a blast!     
Click here: MaddiePool2 - YouTube
Watch Beach Bit shake like Maddie at the end :-)
 Rammi was having none of it!
 Max and Starlight watched from a distance.
 Can you see the disgust in Starlight's face?   Get in the pool-- I don't think so!
 Rammi came inside.    He decided he wanted to be held-- when I got him, he wouldn't let me do that.
 He has come a long way.
He will be neutered soon and then be available for adoption.   Looking at his teeth, he is a young dog-- between 1 and 2.    Someone is going to be very lucky to have him join their family!

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MaFia@4YPK said...

He is very sweet. Love the videos. Thanks for sharing!