Friday, March 28, 2014


Koko came to me a week ago-- she was turned into a shelter by her owner and was just terrified.    Her owner didn't bother to let the shelter know she was prone to seizures and once I got her, she had ten seizures in 48 hours.   She is now on medication and doing great!    We will have her med levels checked and then she will be on seizure meds daily.   I have two dogs with seizure disorder and they  have done incredible since they went on medication years ago.   Seizures, for most dogs, are very easy to manage.
She loves being here and is getting more comfortable here.   In fact, she laid her head on Kai Kai's back, with Beach Bit beside them, and they all took a rest.
She knows my home now and follows me all over.
Rammi, my other foster dog, keeps an eye on her.  
Scooter, my senior boy, is checking up on her, too.  Scooterbug has been on seizure meds for a long time.   He is almost 13.
I let her eat in the playpen so she can eat at her own pace.  Everyone has an eating spot, and this is hers.   She doesn't seem to be food aggressive at all, but this way, no one else can try to help her eat.
She will curl up on a dog  bed and go to sleep-- but if I move, she'll follow me.
I tried a thundershirt on her when I got her, to help relax her and the seizures, and she seemed to do better-- but now she doesn't need it.    Thundershirts are like swaddling and it can give a lot of comfort to a stressed dog.
Just look at her now-- she loves wandering the yard with the gang, she is sweet, 11.5 pounds and 7 years old.   She is not a player, she is a lover and just wants to be with you.    If you are interested in her, let us know.

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lady jicky said...

You know Linda, I would rather have a dog with seizures than a dog with allergic skin. If those seizures are covered by that medicine then KoKo is a low maintenance dog !
I really feel and think this as I do have an allergic dog and we still do not know what causes it or even cures it. No tablet for us.
So ... people who look at Koko and think she might be high maintenance - let me tell you , allergic dogs are a lot worse!
I am doing a little Adoption Dance for KoKo !