Sunday, March 9, 2014


 Cosmo was my first foster dog eleven years ago.    He had come from a shelter and was so happy to be in a home.    I had him here for a month and cried for an hour after he left.   He has the best home, though, and I'm so glad!
 He had this adorable underbite!!  Oh, look at those teeth.  
 He thinks taking a nap with a pillow toy is great.
 Or maybe, he should have a lot of pillow toys!
 I know as they get older, they sleep a lot.    Having a toy to keep you company makes it so much better.   Looks like Cosmo have quite a few to choose from.
 I think mom's lap makes a better pillow though.
Time to get up and take a walk with Winston and dad.    Snow there, too!    There seems to be snow all over the place.   Spring is coming soon-- and the snow will melt.    Let's hope so!  

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