Wednesday, March 12, 2014


 Look at Tinsley-- he lives in S.E. Virginia now, and was adopted last year.     He is a beautiful boy.
 He loves "playing" with the cat who adopted his family.    The cat showed up one day (we think the owners moved and abandoned him) and Tinsley thinks it's fun to harass him.
 Tinsley was foster brother to Bennett-- remember that adorable puppy we had in rescue?   He loved to "peke" out of his bed at night to see if anyone wanted to play.
 It's hard to believe Tinsley was the dog who was chained in a yard near Roanoke-- winter, summer.... for years.
 His new mom just adores him-- and I love his outfits that he has for different occasions.
 Tinsley loves his yard, and his buddies.
 Where's Tinsley?    What is it about a box that makes them such great toys?
 Tinsley faced the snow we got with determination!   Run, Tinsley, Run!!
 Here he is with his buddies.
 He is so handsome!     It's amazing how love healed so much.
He knows he is loved, too!  

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