Thursday, March 6, 2014


 Macy, our foster dog, loves other dogs.   Big, small, she doesn't care.  
 They are fun to be with!!
 She seems to be smiling all the time.  
 She likes her toys.
 I think she's beginning a collection.  
 I was right, wasn't I sweet girl!     Oh, my, you are happy.  
 Here she is playing with Chancy.    I think he's bigger than you are.
You're contemplating getting that toy, aren't you?     Just wait, he'll let it go. :-)    Click here: Macy & Chancey - YouTube


MaFia@4YPK said...

Thanks for posting this. I wish I could adopt her, but if I adopt, I would not be able to foster anymore. She is a sweetheart. EVERYONE that has met her loves her! It is basically difficult not to like or fall in love with her. She is such a well manner, playful and intelligent Peke! Wonderful well rounded little girl. I will miss her when she gets adopted.

MaFia@4YPK said...

Thank you for posting this. She will be missed when she gets adopted! EVERYONE either likes or loves Macy! She is such a wonderful, well rounded little Peke! If I adopt, I will not be able to foster anymore. My kids absolutely adore her.