Monday, March 31, 2014


 I've talked of my good friend, Melinda, before.  She lives in Australia and I have to remember that the seasons are the opposite of ours.  
 Melinda has Moi Moi and Coco-- both rescued.    Melinda just went on vacation and she shared the pictures with me.    (Many of my blog readers know her as Lady Jicky on my comments.)  
 Melinda and Steve went to New Zealand on vacation.  
 They were about 3 hours from Auckland-- and did a lot of day trips.  I can only dream of going to New Zealand.
They flew over an active marine volcano call White Island.   She said, "Its active and you can see the smoke and smell the sulphur . There was a sulphur mine there but the volcano erupted and they did not come back! You see bubbling sulphuric mud there. Rotorua was the place we picked up the plane in and this city is known for the geysers and hot mud pools plus the smell of sulphur in the air all the time. You know they call New Zealand the “shaky isle “  because of earthquakes. " 

 There are trees there called  Pohutukawa-- it's nickname is the New Zealand Christmas Tree.  
Melinda said she had always wanted to see it in bloom.     It's beautiful!
 They had a wonderful time there-- and since so many of you know Melinda, I wanted to share the pictures with you.    
 I can almost feel like I'm there, too.  
 Now this looks fun, but later.....
  A cyclone (storm)  came in-- and you can almost feel it from the picture.
 This was on Mount Maunganui (a Maori name).    This mountain is an extent volcano-- I prefer that kind!  
 I love the look of the sky here.
 Melinda's husband Steve loved the boats.
 There were a lot of them!
 Melinda looked for Pekingese there-- but she only saw two Pugs.  
 And an 8 month old husky.    He was being trained to relax on the boats since he will spend a lot of his life on the water.
 Moi Moi and Coco had to stay at home with Melinda's mom watching them.    This is Coco.
 And she's rolling over, enjoying the nice autumn day.  
 Moi Moi was giving a high five here.
 I know they were both so excited to have their mom and dad home after their trip.   It's just not the same without them.
I hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as I did-- I just had to share them with you!  


lady jicky said...

My Mum , who is turning 80 this year looked after the girls really well !!
Mum said Moi looked under beds and tables to see if we were there but she settled down. Coco just does what Moi does! LOL

You will see Coco by the door-- that is the ramp my husband made so they will not hurt their back when trying to get into the dog door .... we all know Peke's have little shorty legs! :)

lady jicky said...

Oh - that big bird is a VERY large model of a Kiwi ... New Zealand's famous flightless bird that is so rare now .He only comes out at night.
He was displaying there in a Kiwi fruit orchard!
New Zealand grows tons and tons of Kiwi Fruit and exports them all over the world!

Toni Davis said...

Thank you for sharing those beautiful pictures! I am not familiar with that part of the world and it sure looks worth the adventure. I know the little ones are glad to have their humans back home:)

Tracey said...

Thank you for sharing her beautiful pictures. What a wonderful vacation! I love the blooms on the tree. But, my favorite picture of all is the one of Coco rolling over for a belly rub.