Wednesday, August 31, 2011


We have signed up for a chance to win $500. The earring/necklace set is adorable, too. Here's how to vote:
It is a Win-Win Random Drawing Sweepstakes.

Your fans enter the Sweepstakes to win a paw print Pendant and Earring Set. When they enter, they also specify (nominate, etc...) the rescue they would like to receive the $500 prize.

Anyone can enter and nominate ANY rescue group or shelter. It is a "fill in the blank" type of entry. One entry, per person, per day is allowed.


Sassy Marie is doing well since her surgery last Friday. Can you see the incision on her neck? They went in through the front.

Here she is sound asleep, but you can see her incision and staples. It's about 3 inches long. I'm amazed at what surgeons can do.

Sassy has been resting a lot. But, she has also begun to play a little with her toy, and she's wagging her tail. She also wants her meals when everyone else is eating. So, we know she feels better. She must have been in pain a long time-- she was born with this problem we found out. A friend wrote this, "I bet she believes in Santa now because she just got the best gift of her life.
Thankfully she fell into the protective arms of PVPC. " I'm glad we could help her, too. But, without our special friends who helped pay for her surgery, we couldn't do all this. So, THANK YOU to all who have helped us with Sassy and the others in our foster care.

Sassy will be recovering for 6-8 weeks. Her new life has begun. And when she is well, we'll find a very special home for her!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


We survived the hurricane!

Max and Kai Kai gave each other moral support during the hurricane. I kept waiting for the power to go out and listened to every sound. As you all know who went through this, it's very stressful.

After it was over, we went out to check the damage. Nothing hit the house, and we were all safe. It was just a yard full of debris from all the trees we have. Cranberry is inspecting.

Max is asking what in the world happened!

There were spears in the ground-- and this is why no one went out until the wind died down. (Thank goodness for piddle pads.)

There were piles of branches all over.

We could clean this up-- at least the house and dogs were fine.

Kai Kai is glad it's over. We put the yard and deck things back out from their storage areas (garage and under the deck). The lounger is just for Pekingese-- heaven forbid if I should use it haha.

Little Emmie (ten pounds!) was glad to be outside. She is doing well and has been prancing in joy. She's still timid, but I know she will blossom.

Odin was back in the chair outside. Look how beautiful he is. He is the sweetest dog!

Max jumped on the lounger, too. He is only 7 but he looks older. He was a foster dog who wasn't adopted-- so he became a foster failure on his own.

After they worked hard in the yard helping me clean up (sure they did), it was time for a nap. Emmie, Starlight and Scooter took over the couch.

Max hopped in the rocking chair.....

Cranberry curled up in a dog bed. And we all took a rest, and a sigh of relief that we we okay.

Monday, August 29, 2011


Meet Emmie. She was in a shelter, an owner turn in. She was so timid and afraid and the shelter would only allow her to go to rescue. This picture is at my house, and you can see how thin she is-- but we can put weight on her!

She has obviously had puppies, so may she couldn't have any more and the owner turned her in. It happens-- a back yard breeder won't keep a dog who doesn't bring in money.

She was happy to get out of there! We had a two person transport to get her to safety.

Yes, she was happy!

She had a spay and dental and is recovery for awhile at my house. Her foster mom is out of town and will be back next week. So, the playpen is back in use when she needs to rest.

Odin is in love with her! Can you see how small she is-- only about ten pounds, but she needs to add some weight.

Her coat will come in and she will be healthy. Here she is showing off her new pink harness.

I don't think she has an aggressive bone in her body.

We go out in the yard and Odin stays by her side.

I think he'll be her little protector here.

I think she is saying thank you to all the people and friends of PVPC for saving her.

She'll be ready soon for adoption-- and be a wonderful addition to a new family.

Sunday, August 28, 2011


Before her surgery, Jeanne's groomer gave Sassy Marie a haircut to get her ready for surgery. She originally had a "lion's cut" but that long hair had to go in preparation for her surgery.

You can tell she doesn't feel well, but hopefully, this surgery will give her a chance at a pain free life. THANK YOU to those who made this surgery possible. You know who you are and you are a blessing to us.

Sassy Marie says thank you, too!

If I don't lose power (Hurricane Irene), I will add updates to this blog-- if there aren't any (I'm writing this ahead of time), just check out facebook: Potomac Valley Pekingese Rescue. There will be updates there (as long as Jeanne has power). Thank you to everyone who has helped Sassy Marie with donations and prayers for recovery.

Saturday, August 27, 2011


Did you say you are going to have a hurricane? (This is one of Louise's Pekes, Louise is our club president.)

Beach Bit says, "Is it coming yet?"

"Oh, tell me it's not true!"

After the hurricane, we will hopefully have calm beach waters quickly.

We hope we won't have any damage to our homes.

We hope we can go to the beach and just watch the calm waters.

And enjoy the sun rises and rest after the storm. Let me know how you fare with this hurricane!

Friday, August 26, 2011


Update from Jeanne on Sassy Marie: .......Dr.Barnes just called......Sassy is standing up in the crate !!!! He says I can bring her home at 3 today......YEA !!! I'm so excited....He said she is wagging her tail at him :) That's my girl......


Sassy Marie is having her cervical surgery today. We'll keep you updated on her progress!!


This is Darby. She is like my Starlight in many ways-- same "outgoing" personality. haha But, like Starlight, Darby loves children, especially HER Drill Bit. (Starlight has a Drill Bit, so Darby needed one, too.)

They are best friends, and Darby loves him so much.

They are often together playing.

Darby's Drill Bit is 17 months, just a little younger than our Drill Bit.

Drill bit shares with Darby-- I think that is a special thing for Darby! It's amazing how Pekes can be fast getting a treat from me, but be "oh so gentle" with a baby. I can't figure it out.

Drill Bit has an audience-- of Pekes. I love it!

Thursday, August 25, 2011


I did a blog (June 11, 2011) on Taylor, who died just a few months ago. He belonged to Sam and Michele. They have had to say goodbye to another one of their precious Pekes.

Their first foster/adoption, Makoti died in July. She came into their lives for fostering twelve years ago. She was in the ER, very weak, and xrays showed she had a lot of fluid around her heart. She also had a tumor on her heart. She was 15 years old and nothing they could do would have helped. She passed very quietly, laying on her bed. Makoti was so very special to Sam and Michele. We are so sorry for their loss. Rest in peace, sweet Makoti and run and play with your Peke brother Taylor.

Here's what her dad wrote about her:

Makoti died late July 30th, 2011. We think she was about 15, and had been with us since November, 1999. She had a tumor on her heart, and there was just no good way to deal with it, so we let her go as peacefully as we could. She was our first rescue from Potomac Valley Pekingese Club, a bit fearful at first, but she quickly became the Queen of the House. One day, we came home to find she had made her throne out of the kitchen table. She was just sitting up there, wagging her tail at us. Whenever she went outside, she would come back in, turn around and look at you & not move until you had properly greeted her with a good petting. As she aged, she mellowed into a very sweet, very loving little girl. Whenever something met with her approval, or she was very interested in something, she would let us know with a throaty “Woowoo”. It was our favorite song. She was the healthiest of all our dogs for her entire life, and when she stopped eating, we really worried. We took her to the ER, thinking she would have to spend the night but would be back home soon. Unfortunately, that was not what happened, and very suddenly, she was gone. I am thankful that I was able to be with her at the end. She was known by many names – Hotie, Hoter Boter, Mouse-koti, but she will forever be our Little Makoti Girl.


Meet Dina-- it rhymes with china.
Dina is a ten year old Peke who was turned into a shelter when her owners had a baby. As I've said before, Pekes and babies can do just fine. It takes common sense on the owner's part-- but these owners weren't willing to do that. They just gave her up.

Odin, in a rare moment of trying to be alpha, decides to be a bully, so he had to go to the laundry room. Max just happened to be in there, so he was seperated, too.

WOE IS ME. Oh, so sad!

Dina is a beautiful girl. She is about 15 pounds and she will be spayed and have a dental this week. She wants to be in charge, but a word will let her know that YOU are in charge. She loves to be petted and is a sweet girl.

"You want to adopt me, I know!"