Monday, August 29, 2011


Meet Emmie. She was in a shelter, an owner turn in. She was so timid and afraid and the shelter would only allow her to go to rescue. This picture is at my house, and you can see how thin she is-- but we can put weight on her!

She has obviously had puppies, so may she couldn't have any more and the owner turned her in. It happens-- a back yard breeder won't keep a dog who doesn't bring in money.

She was happy to get out of there! We had a two person transport to get her to safety.

Yes, she was happy!

She had a spay and dental and is recovery for awhile at my house. Her foster mom is out of town and will be back next week. So, the playpen is back in use when she needs to rest.

Odin is in love with her! Can you see how small she is-- only about ten pounds, but she needs to add some weight.

Her coat will come in and she will be healthy. Here she is showing off her new pink harness.

I don't think she has an aggressive bone in her body.

We go out in the yard and Odin stays by her side.

I think he'll be her little protector here.

I think she is saying thank you to all the people and friends of PVPC for saving her.

She'll be ready soon for adoption-- and be a wonderful addition to a new family.


lady jicky said...

Pretty, pretty girl!!!!

Tracey said...

She is a doll baby! Her new family will be blessed by her love!

Karin said...

How cute! So sweet of Odin not to leave her side while out in the yard.