Thursday, August 25, 2011


Meet Dina-- it rhymes with china.
Dina is a ten year old Peke who was turned into a shelter when her owners had a baby. As I've said before, Pekes and babies can do just fine. It takes common sense on the owner's part-- but these owners weren't willing to do that. They just gave her up.

Odin, in a rare moment of trying to be alpha, decides to be a bully, so he had to go to the laundry room. Max just happened to be in there, so he was seperated, too.

WOE IS ME. Oh, so sad!

Dina is a beautiful girl. She is about 15 pounds and she will be spayed and have a dental this week. She wants to be in charge, but a word will let her know that YOU are in charge. She loves to be petted and is a sweet girl.

"You want to adopt me, I know!"


lady jicky said...

Although stupid, I am glad they gave in Dina for that type will NOT look after the dog when a baby comes.
So Missy Dina - you have a great new shot at life and she is so pretty and cute that I am sure someone will snap her up Linda!

Tracey said...

Dina is gorgeous!!! What foolish humans to let go of such a good furry friend!