Tuesday, August 30, 2011


We survived the hurricane!

Max and Kai Kai gave each other moral support during the hurricane. I kept waiting for the power to go out and listened to every sound. As you all know who went through this, it's very stressful.

After it was over, we went out to check the damage. Nothing hit the house, and we were all safe. It was just a yard full of debris from all the trees we have. Cranberry is inspecting.

Max is asking what in the world happened!

There were spears in the ground-- and this is why no one went out until the wind died down. (Thank goodness for piddle pads.)

There were piles of branches all over.

We could clean this up-- at least the house and dogs were fine.

Kai Kai is glad it's over. We put the yard and deck things back out from their storage areas (garage and under the deck). The lounger is just for Pekingese-- heaven forbid if I should use it haha.

Little Emmie (ten pounds!) was glad to be outside. She is doing well and has been prancing in joy. She's still timid, but I know she will blossom.

Odin was back in the chair outside. Look how beautiful he is. He is the sweetest dog!

Max jumped on the lounger, too. He is only 7 but he looks older. He was a foster dog who wasn't adopted-- so he became a foster failure on his own.

After they worked hard in the yard helping me clean up (sure they did), it was time for a nap. Emmie, Starlight and Scooter took over the couch.

Max hopped in the rocking chair.....

Cranberry curled up in a dog bed. And we all took a rest, and a sigh of relief that we we okay.


lady jicky said...

I am so glad you did not have a hard time with this shocking storm!

Karin said...

Oh my goodness, I can't imagine the stressful anticipation of not knowing just "how bad" a hurricane is going to hit! So in the 4th picture is a good-sized branch that speared into the ground?? Yikes! Glad you're alright without too much damage! This makes a Michigan blizzard seem not so bad, (of course it's still warm at the moment, so that's easily said now) I love the pic of them all on the sofa :)