Friday, August 19, 2011


I picked up Odin in Lexington, VA on my way home from vacation. He was in Roanoke (they met me in Lexington) but now is enjoying life near the beach. (No, he doesn't go to the beach-- I'm not dealing with sand fleas!)

We got to meet Desi, who was one of our foster (adopted) dogs. She had some medical issues and her new mom is a vet, so she gets the BEST care!! Isn't she cute!

And here is sweet Wanda. She was a foster dog that they just couldn't let go. She visits Starbucks with her daddy and she is a daddy's girl. (We have one of those, too-- our Starlight!)

She lost an eye that was in bad shape-- and it was cancer. Now, she is cancer-free and ready to live a long life with her family.

Odin was sitting with Cassidy. They said Cassidy didn't go up to new people, but I knelt down and she came right to me and gave me kisses! I was honored. :-)

We stopped near Charlottesville on the way home to visit one of our daughters. Odin curled right up on my husband's lap and relaxed-- can you tell he is relaxed?

Odin is a very sweet Peke!

And a very cuddly one!

Then, it was time to finish the trip home--three more hours. We had an extra passenger-- Bitty Bit came to spend a few days with us.

And Odin got back in the car, and settled in for the journey to our house. He slept on the way and then got to meet the gang at our house. He was a little overwhelmed at first-- after all, there are Pekes and grand-bits here. But, he has adjusted well, and loves attention. Whoever adopts this sweet boy will be very lucky. :-)


lady jicky said...

There was alot of visiting going on ! LOL

Nicky said...

Odin is the sweetest! Thank you for rescuing him!!