Sunday, December 16, 2018


 Nala knows Christmas is coming.  After all, there are Christmas trees up, decorations are everywhere and presents are arriving, and foster mom Linda is going shopping around her medication schedule.   Sometimes, though, you need to rest.
 Rest is okay-- like this bear who went incognito to hide from Sugar Bit.  Sugar Bit tends to take the Christmas toys off the stairs and carry them around the house, and the bear wanted to just stay there and rest. 
So, take today and find some joy, go incognito, or just take a few moments to rest.    Find joy in the moments. 

Saturday, December 15, 2018


 Russell came into rescue in May of 2016.  He had a lot of skin issues then...
 But, look at him now!  He is a poof ball!
 He lives not too far from me and goes on so many adventures.   He has his stocking up for Christmas and is waiting for Santa to come down the chimney!
 He kept posing for pictures-- oh, so tiring.  It's tough being beautiful.
Have a Merry Christmas, Russell-- and your mom, too!🎄

Friday, December 14, 2018


 Waldo came into rescue as a needy little boy.   He was thin and needed help. 
He went right into the safety of Marian's home.  He found Winston's bed and took over. 
He settled in near the Christmas tree and rested.  The snowmen kept him company.
"Are there any gifts for me?"
We don't think he wants to live with children-- they just move too fast for him.  He lived in a home with kids, and some kids just don't understand the delicate Peke personality. :-)
He is just waiting for the perfect place.  Welcome to rescue, Waldo!!  💙💙

Thursday, December 13, 2018


 Sweet Binks-- we thought we were losing him last month, but he rallied! 
 He still has a bad heart condition, but he wasn't ready to leave yet.
 He has the sweetest face and he loves his foster mom.
 He slowly wanders in the house...
 Are you looking for the Christmas tree?
 I love your Christmas sweater!
 Your brother, Lucky has a Gingerbread Man sweater-- love it!
 This cold weather makes everyone-- and every dog-- just want to rest and wait for spring.
But, first, we are all excited for Christmas!  Right, Lucky! 🎄🎄

Wednesday, December 12, 2018


Melinda sent me more pictures of YumYum-- he was really good with Santa.  
 And he was rewarded with a toy. 
I looked back on pictures from last year-- 
 Kai Kai is the same, sweet, loving, still my boy.  He's 13 1/2 now, but still a beautiful.
 Granger is still getting into boxes-- so I'll just give him a box for Christmas! LOL
 Abbi is a beautiful girl.  She is Piper's sister.  He was adopted from us 5 years ago-- hard to believe it's been that long!
 Allie Marie is showing off her new winter sweater.
 Boo and Lu pose with their mom, Lisa.   They are adorable.
 My Baltimore friends took Lucifer (aka Papageno) and Sunny to see Santa. 
Lucifer was wondering, "Who was that man?!" 
Keep posting your Christmas pics!! 

Tuesday, December 11, 2018


 This is Bonez.  He is with a friend in Maryland.  She rescued him from a situation where he was kept crated a lot and needed to be in a home where he could have more attention.
 My friend can't keep him because she has two dogs and is taking care of a sick relative.  But, she wants him to have a loving home.
 He is a bulldog-pug mix, and only a year old.  He needs someone who can help him get housetrained.   Being crated so much just meant he wasn't able to "hold it" and so his training needs to be with someone who has time for him.
 He loves other dogs and he is so affectionate.  He is young and has a long life in front of him.
Please email me at if you are interested in him.  He is not part of our rescue, but we will use the same standards to help him find a home.  He deserves it. 


 Abner has a wonderful family-- he lives with Brody and Lily and they are a very loved pack. 
Abner is very special -- they all are, but he is a therapy dog and helps so many people have a better day. 
 Abner volunteers his happy self at hospitals in the area.  He also volunteered to help at the Festival of Trees. 
 And the trees were stunning!
 I would have loved to see all these.   I love Christmas.
 Abner had so much fun looking at them, and being a Peke ambassador.
 There is something magic about it all.
 I think he's ready to drive to find Santa-- or to find another little person who needs cheering up.
 Are those presents for you?
 It is all stunning.
 There were other dogs there, too-- some real and some not so real.  I love the dog bed.
 Abner and his friends posed in front of some of the trees.
 And then he saw Santa.   Santa probably asked Abner for ideas for some of the patients that Abner goes to see. 
His brother, Brody, and sister, Lily, joined in.  What a wonderful Peke family!  🎄🎄🎄