Tuesday, October 23, 2018


 Koko came into rescue in May, with his family of Pekes.  Andy was adopted by his foster parents. 
 Koko is 13-14 and the sweetest boy.
 He had a little mohawk when his hair was cut when he came into rescue.  Adorable!!
 He loved his foster home, and they loved him, but fostering means letting go sometimes.
 We received an application for him-- a home where he would be loved and cared for.
 He went to meet them on  Sunday.  He looked around...
 And he made them laugh when they put a hat on him (with bunny ears). 
 His new mom has had Pekes most of her life, and she wanted an older one to love.
Now they have Koko, their sweet boy to love and take care of the rest of his life. 
Have a wonderful  life Koko!!  ❤️

Monday, October 22, 2018


 My Starlight graced the cover of this past year's calendar.  It is so special to me that we did that.
 This coming year's calendar for 2019 is in memory of Jeanne.   She loved the Pekes so much.   We will have a special section to honor her.
 Ollie and Buffy are in the calendar also.
 Beautiful Kasey is, too.
Precious Blossom will also be in it.  If you want one of our calendars, please get your order in quickly, because we did not order as many this year.   Here is the information for ordering:

"The PVPC 2019 calendar is in and it’s beautiful!   Order yours today, and help support PVPC.
To order, contact Fiona at fiona@fionaross.net with your address, and number of calendars you would like.
The price is $20 plus $3 shipping for one calendar, with a special price of three calendars for $50 plus $3.00 shipping.”
If you are paying by check, please make write "Calendar" in the memo section.  If you are mailing a check, please send it to:  PVPC, P.O. Box 61005, Richmond VA 23261

Sunday, October 21, 2018


 Mandy is settling into her foster home.   She has no sight or vision that we can tell.
 But, she can smell-- and I'm sure there are some fun autumn scents that she is noticing.
 If she could see, she would know how beautiful this season is.  It's my favorite season of the year.
 She is content though.  She has a pink bed!  I haven't done pink bed blogs for a long time.
 She can usually find her bed, but there are times...
That she just curls up on the floor in contented sleep.  She is enjoying being held and brushed and her little tail is beginning to wag.   We can't fix her blindness or her deafness, but we can give her love and security.   Thank you to her foster parents, Barbara and Ty, for all they are doing for her.  💜

Saturday, October 20, 2018


Scout came into rescue in July and Magnolia's mom fell in love!  Fiona is our hard working Calendar person-- we have lots of our meetings are her home, which I just love.
That means I get to see Scout and Magnolia (one of my foster dogs).
Scout was in a shelter and SO SO sick when we got her.  She was in ICU for several days.
But, now she is doing great.  Her coat is getting thicker and shinier. 
She is so loving and wants everyone to adore her.  Which we do!
Magnolia is older and has learned that Scout is there to stay-- but she just takes life at her own pace.  Older ones are allowed to do that.   Yes we are!
Her mom is an artist and was working on something, so Scout popper her head over the couch to see if she could help.  Or maybe she was hoping there were treats.  Either way, she wanted to be involved!   Scout, you are precious!

Friday, October 19, 2018


 Granger says, "Let's go shopping!"
 We are beginning our annual Yankee Candle fund raiser for Potomac Valley Pekingese Club.  Do you love holidays items or scented candles?  What is your favorite scent?  (Mine is vanilla, or Christmas Cookie!- Delicious!)
 There are gift bags for pet lovers.
 Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE plaid.  It reminds me of Scotland.  Yankee Candle has more than candles-- this is a week-end bag.
 There are special candle toppers.
 And 40% of the money comes right to our rescue.  Just click on this link: Yankee Candle® Fundraising - Home    Then put in our number:   990103300
 It will help dogs like Puddle Bug (his name began with a 'p' so I kept the sound of his name.  The "Bug" part was in memory of my precious Scooterbug, who was my partner in rescue.)
 The money will help Nala, here with Kai Kai -- and her pink purse of course.
Nala says, "Thank you!"   I love Yankee Candle (we live near a Flagship store!), so I hope you have fun shopping!  Our fundraiser has begun and and it goes through January 10-- if you want Christmas gifts, start ordering.  🌝

Thursday, October 18, 2018


Princess Kent is one of our forever fosters and she and Nala have bucket lists.
Princess got to fulfill one of her wishes!  She got in the big RV and off she went.
She let her foster parents drive.  A big storm named Hurricane Michael tried to ruin the vacation, but it didn't.
Princess LOVED the beach!
There were big waves and lots of sand.
She even wrote her name in the sand-- isn't she amazing.
She took lots of naps so she could go back to the beach and run around.
Princess love the feel of the wind in her hair.
She was mad the day it rained because she couldn't go and walk, but the next day was fine.
She was just enchanted with the beach.
She had a special blanket to sit on.
She has a special bag to ride in-- a princess can't be expected to walk everywhere.
Then, it was time to head home and she curled up again in one of her beds.  Another bucket list dream checked off!