Thursday, May 24, 2018


 I love getting pictures and updates and Gizzy is one I love to hear about.
 Gizzy was fostered in Richmond and was adopted by his foster parents.
 He and his brother, Doolin, are best friends. 
 His mom loves to put different bandanas on them both.
 Gizzy is not a young boy anymore--
 He likes his naps. 
 But, he still has that puppy look. 
 He has a lot of places he can sleep.
 Under tables, on chairs and doggy beds.
 But, his favorite spot in on his mom's lap-- look at that adoring face.
 Total security in his mom's lap.
 Doolin finds a spot, too!
Hello you sweet boy!   Thank you for my update!  ❤️

Wednesday, May 23, 2018


 Tara was a stray in NC and ended up in a shelter there. 
 Kay and Claretta picked her up and she was so happy! 
 She was sweet and smiling and so excited to be on a new adventure.
 She will be evaluated this morning for some issues she is having. 
We hope all goes well for her and that we can give her a wonderful new life!!  Welcome, Tara!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2018


Kai Kai came to me as a foster in April of 2011.  He was almost 6 years old at the time.   
He was so loving and had the most stunning red color with black highlights.
He was allowed to be here by Starlight-- she ruled the house.
We had no acceptable applications for him-- I never figure out why some dogs are just not adopted. 
But, I was glad-- I loved this boy.   I love them all, but Kai Kai got into the deepest part of my heart.   After a year, I said "enough" and he became mine.
Two years ago,  he was having trouble seeing.  He could be startled by others walking by.  So, we had his eyes checked.  He had cataracts-- we saw the best ophthalmologist there is, Dr. Nadelstein in Chesapeake, VA. 
Kai Kai was one of the rare ones who had every reaction to surgery.  He ended up with four surgeries, the last one to remove his eyes that were so painful and could no longer be helped.   When I went to pick him up that day, his tail wagged like crazy when he heard my voice.   He loves me-- I love him.  ❤️
When Benny/Benjamin was here as my foster, neither could see.  They passed like ships in the night haha.  They were about the same size, color and sweet temperament.   :-)  (There is humor in many things if you are willing to see it.)
I put an army helmet on him-- cracked everyone up-- and he was such a good sport.
Kai Kai even went to the vet for Benny's eye appointment and Dr. Nadelstein was so happy to see Kai Kai and how well he was doing. 
Kai Kai kept adjusting-- not as much as I hoped, but he was never brave to begin with.   It's okay-- I'm here to care for him.
In March of this year, Kai Kai had a stroke.  I thought I would lose my boy.   He was so compromised.
But, he didn't give up and I didn't either.   His head tilt is much better now.   He still gets confused on direction, but I rescue him.   And he wags his tail.   Oh my heart.
Sugar Bit adores Kai Kai-- and he loves her, too.  So, I want to say Happy 13th birthday this month to my precious boy.  I'm so glad you are still with me-- you've been through so much, but you have my heart and we'll keep on walking this journey together.   ❤️❤️❤️  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KAI KAI!

Monday, May 21, 2018


 Dash came to us as an older boy.  And a sweet one!
 His new family loves him so much.
 He has fit right into their home seamlessly. 
 He is on a trip with them.  They went through Texas.
 Wake up, you'll miss it all!
 And they went through Oklahoma.
 ChaCha and Poncho were looking at the scenery. 
 They get a Bark Box every month, and since they were away, they had it sent to Camp Runamuck! 
 It's full of treats and boys.  It's so exciting!  The Pekes here all say Thank You!
 Did you hear me, Poncho?  We love it!
 ChaCha is tired from the travel-- it's exhausting being beautiful in so many places.
 Dash doesn't care-- he just sleeps and knows he is safe and adored.   I know they'll be home soon-- in the meantime, I'm enjoying their pictures!

Sunday, May 20, 2018


 Chumley has done well this week.  He's on a new med and it's helping his digestive system.   
 But, he was getting fuzzy.   Really fuzzy! 
 And the heat coming would be really hard on him. He has allergies and his hair needed to be cut off.    So, I asked his vet if he could have a light calming medication and go to the vet groomer for a haircut.   She said he could, and he could stay in the quiet hospital side.   I thanked her for that!   (I love Acredale Animal Hospital in Virginia Beach-- they are SO good to me!)
 He did really well and he was done quickly and now his hair is short and he's so happy. 
 And he has his toy and he loves it.  His brother, Max, was also there and they were together, and that helped, too.  They both got to stay in the quiet side. :-)
Chumley says HAPPY SUNDAY!