Wednesday, August 15, 2018


 Granger has been a mess since he came into rescue-- the best kind of mess.
 He steals the big dog beds.
 He hides in cabinets.
 He loves boxes.  I'll repeat that.  HE LOVES BOXES.
 He can be kind of lazy-- unless he's on a walk.  That is serious business!
 Did I say he loves boxes?
 Did I say he was lazy?  LOL
 He can "sit pretty."
 He can watch for deer in the yard-- get ready for a race!
 He can be intent if he is focused on something.
 He loves his sister, Gigi.  He loves his kids.  He loves his mom and dad.  He is just full of love.
 He loves tables-- especially if there are left overs there.
 He helps fold laundry, too.  He is multi-talented.
 He watches for squirrels-- they might invade.
 Granger comes to my house sometimes (he is my granddog after all)  and gets in his favorite spot-- right between my daughter and her husband.
 His mom must have been getting ready to give him a bath, because he tried to hide in the laundry.  Did I mention he was a mess??
His favorite spot lately, though, is a paper bag.   He also checks the receipt-- he's into quality control.   Oh, Granger, you ARE a mess.  But, we love our mess.  💙

Tuesday, August 14, 2018


 Nala was with BeeBee her whole life.   We believe they were litter mates, and you all know how attached to each other they were.
 Nala was there when BeeBee left us.   I wanted her to be there since I knew we were losing the battle to save BeeBee. 
 I knew we would need to give Nala a lot of attention to help her adjust to life without her sister.
 So far, she is doing well.  The pink toy helps.
 It is usually close by.
 Sugar Bit rubbed her back to help her to feel better.   Some people think Nala looks sad here, but she's not.  She's just holding on to her toy. 
 Sugar Bit and Nala fell asleep together.  I love this.  Nala adores her Sugar Bit.
 In the morning, Nala tried to beg for my breakfast.
 It's hard to resist this sweet face, but I don't want to throw anything unusual into her system, no matter how "easy" it may seem.  Her system is fragile and we keep to a tight schedule.
 I'm so sorry, Nala.  I know you want what I'm eating.   How about a taste of bread?  Plain, no butter. 
 She gave up, settled into her chair, and took a little nap.
 Rested enough!  She went and got Chumley's toy!
 Nala insisted on helping me paint even though I was only painting the top half of the walls.  I don't know how she ended up with it on her head.   (Yes, it was low "fumes"-- no comments on paint please.)
 She curled up on the blankets I was trying to fold.  UMMM, you're in the way!
 We had a scheduled appointment for her and BeeBee, so I kept it anyway.   We decided to add a med that her sister was going to go on-- they did everything the same, so we want to be ahead of the game.
So far, Nala is doing well.  We play with her, hold her, let her have "bed time" before we all go to sleep (with the pred she is on, she has to be where she can get to a piddle pad at night, but she is doing fine).   We hope the IMHA monster doesn't make an appearance for Nala.  We know it can happen, but today, she is good.  And she is happy and loved and having fun.  Today.  That's good. 

Monday, August 13, 2018

LOOK AT US! (whoops, it was Pekey not Ricky)

 In rescue, we get so busy trying to save them, but I want to remind you why we do rescue.  It's to find homes for these sweet ones.   Matilda has her forever home now.
 Andy, aka Mr. Rooney, has a wonderful home where he can continue to heal from his anxiety.  We don't know what happened to him, but he's doing better.  He is so loved there.
 Buddy Beau is now Crosby, and he is absolutely charming his new mom and dad.   I'll have to do another blog on him.   He has his own facebook site!  Well, he does share it with his brother and sister.
 and Oreo have their new home, too.  It was a long time coming, but they are there together.
 Dumfries and Tinkerbelle are doing great!   Tinkerbelle now Tali Shih is bringing her new mom so much joy.  She loves her new life!
 Scout loves her new home and her new sister, Magnolia. 
 Tara has been in her new home a few months, but I had to include her. 
 Lucy has also been in her new home for awhile.   Her mom said she saved her life-- I know they can really make a difference for us.
And TADA== Pekey (now Peppy) went to his new home yesterday!   That's a lot of happy new homes.  And with adoptions, it means we have more room to take in new ones.   Thank you to everyone who helps us and makes new lives possible!   ❤️

Sunday, August 12, 2018


 Gizzy sent me an encouraging email today-- it's amazing that these little paws can get on a computer to write me.  I love it! 
Gizzy said his daddy held him more this week and was grateful for all the love they share.  We have had a rough few weeks in rescue, but we want to let you know that we have joy, too!   Every little foster that we can help and hold and love makes the journey worthwhile.   So, Gizzy says to give your little love a big hug, hold them on your lap and remember all the joy they bring to our lives.

Gizzy is sitting on his daddy's lap with his puppy donut, while his dad enjoys a morning cup of coffee.  💙
Happy Sunday!

Saturday, August 11, 2018


 Blossom (formerly Poof) came to me last November.  She was in my area and her owner asked for help.   She needed more care than he could give her.
 She had a bad leg, but it was too late to fix it.  (When an injury is too old, the ligaments have drawn up and can't be reattached.)
 She was a sweet girl, though, and managed to get around well.
 Her face was the sweetest! 💜
 She went to the Peke meeting with me and everyone loved her.
 She could work the crowd!   Did someone have food?
 There was someone out there who was falling in love with this special girl.  Michelle thought she would fill her heart after her Oreo had passed away.   So, Blossom went to live with Michelle and it was a perfect match!
Just look how far she has come!  Her coat is just stunningly beautiful now.  She loves her mom and her mom loves her back.   And to make it even better, Michelle is now a dear friend of mine who encourages me to keep on.   A perfect match in so many ways!  ⭐