Monday, December 31, 2018


I've added more to the end-- dogs who have been loved and lost this year.   We were blessed to have had the chance to love each of them.  💕
I do this blog at the end of each year to honor those who have left us.  My heart goes out to each of you who has a special one here.   This year, I have four from our family included.  If you have a pet you want added to this, just put their picture is the comments, and I will add them.
These are not in order of when they left us, except for my Starlight-- she was our first loss this year and is so missed. ❤️⭐
 My beautiful Starlight-- left us in her sleep at 13 1/2.
 Rescue lost their friend Jeanne.
 Chloe Willow
 Arby (Rose Bud of the Bristol 18)
Sir Chauncey
 Melinda's Coco
 Peggy Sue
 Polly Pockets
 Sweet Tori
 My BeeBee (Nala on the left)
 Our Pi, family dog, "Best Dog Ever"
 My Floyd
And one more of my girl, Starlight
Sometimes, we have to let them go, sometimes, they leave us on their own, but they are missed deeply.
They will be loved forever. 
This was on an animal rescue site:

Our animals are our family, teachers, friends, sons, daughters and soul mates. They open our eyes to wonder and our hearts to unconditional love and eternal devotion. The amount of love they provide us, is rivaled only by the pain with their loss, but not for one moment would we trade in a second of that love. Their time on this earth is way too short and in the blink of an eye they go from younger than we are, to being older and wiser. Their journey ends sooner than ours, but it is only because they come to this earth already more enlightened and aware than we are. They are here to help us attain our destinies and to make this journey more fulfilling.
Letting go is the hardest and most excruciating thing to do but it is often the kindest thing and last gift we can give them.
They remain in every gust of wind, drop of rain, ray of sun and breath of air.
They whisper to us in the rustling of leaves, "we are still here and will never leave you".
We will see them again some day, until then they visit us in our hearts and dreams.
In the mean time, they run in the fields and chase the butterflies, free of the frailties and ailments of this earthbound existence. When we close our eyes, and call their names they will come running.
True love never dies.
Here are the ones I have added.  Thank you for sharing their beautiful faces with us.
 Dudley Do Right
 Gizzy Taylor
Robin's precious Nicky. 💙