Friday, December 7, 2018


 Bernie is modeling his Christmas sweater-- actually it belonged to his brother, Albert and so it is full of love.
 This is Lulubelle and Theodore.  Lulubelle is a PVPC Alumni. 
 Blossom is having her second Christmas in her new home.
 Her mom has her all warmed up!  The cold weather means more sweaters and layering.
 Bruce is gazing at the tree.  What is Santa going to bring you?
 I love this-- Chewy lives in a beautiful home.  It's like walking into the past because of the beauty of the woodwork and the style. 
 He can't see what's around him, but he can sure feel the love. 
 Ellie posed under the tree in her foster home.  She is now in her new home and enjoying Christmas there.
 Jay Jay is posing under his tree.  This picture is enchanting.
 Ladybug posed for her Christmas photo.   I love the pillow-- can you see it?
 Mr. Winnie went to see Santa.   Mr. Winnie is the sweetest boy-- a big boy who is full of happiness! 
 Awe, Paddy.   I remember when he came into rescue-- we were told he was a Peke, and surprise!  He wasn't.
 But, we were so happy to help him find a forever home.
 Ricky is now Buddy and he loves his home.   He has a loving mom and Peke siblings.   He's an old boy and needed a place to live out his life-- and he found it!
 Shelby, now Sparky, posed with Nicky and Tinsley, her doggy siblings.  She is much smaller, but that doesn't bother her a bit.
And finally, Sydnie-- she is one of our fosters, but she is going to be adopted by her foster mom.  She fit right in and is waiting for Santa now.

Post your Christmas pictures!  We love to see them!

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LadyJicky said...

What wonderful photos .... the tree's are beautifully dressed too !!!