Saturday, December 29, 2018


Freddie is everyone's favorite!
He always has the best pictures and I had to post some.
Every month, he sends out Freddie's Finds boxes.  You can check out his facebook page! (Freddie's Finds and Fred Leaf)
He posed with Santa and Mrs. Claus before Christmas.
His brother, Teddie, was dressed up, too.  Freddie has a lot of brothers and sisters.
He shows off his Christmas sweater...
and his Hanukkah outfit. 
He posed with Olaf, and Olaf thought Freddie was pretty special.
He likes kids, too!
 Here he is with Itsy-- they must have been between outfits! LOL
Freddie hopes you all had a wonderful Christmas and that this coming year of 2019 is a great one.

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LadyJicky said...

Thank you for your New Year wishes Freddie.... boy , he sure gets around!