Thursday, December 27, 2018


 Lucinda shared some of her Christmas pictures with me.  We have to begin with Desi. 
 Desi's dad, Roger, takes the most beautiful pictures and her mom, sets them up. 
 Which one do you like the best?  They are all wonderful.
 Dawson posed in a different setting.  Dawson was about 7 when he came into rescue in 2013, so he's a senior now.
 Here he is with Gunther.  Gunther is about 13 years old, too.  Like me, the Hodges have a lot of seniors (they have more than me, no contest there!).
 I love the Christmas balls.  They bring out his coloring.
 Onslow, are you looking for Santa-- I think he already came.
 Okay, try to lure him back by pretending he left a reindeer behind.
 Or one of his elves!  Tell Santa that he also left presents!
 Sampson came into rescue three years ago at about 8 years old, but he could have been older. 
We love the seniors--and they deserve homes just as much as the rest.  He had a wonderful Christmas.   I'm so glad they shared all the Christmas pictures with me!  Sampson hopes you all had a Merry Christmas!  Now get ready for New Year's Eve!

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LadyJicky said...

Desi and her friends are just adorable! Beautiful photos!!!

Its 36.7c - 98f and its 5.30 in the afternoon .... poor Yum Yum was "home alone" today and he was so hot when I came home . Aircon is on and its cool ..... I bet you all are cool too! LOL