Thursday, December 6, 2018


 Ida and I have been friends for several years now-- I can't remember exactly when we met, but she is a great Peke person.   She has Allie Marie the Bebe, Percy, and Jasper.  Okay, Jasper is not a Peke, but he's beautiful!
 Ida shared her granddog's rescue story.  Taz was in a shelter in Virginia-- and he sat up, begging for a great home.
 Her son, Jamie, saw Taz's picture on petfinder and went right away.   Taz was still being tested, but Jamie said he would wait.   And wait, he did.  He was told that Taz probably wouldn't be ready that day, but he waited anyway.   A young man who worked at the shelter saw Jamie waiting for hours.  He went back to tell the director that this man wasn't leaving.  SO, they let Taz meet Jamie.  It was love at first sight.  (Jamie had brought a letter from his landlord stating that he could have a pet-- he wasn't taking any chances.) 
 They said he couldn't leave without a leash, so to come back.  He said he would do all the adoption paperwork FIRST, and then go get the leash.  He wasn't leaving without Taz!  Determination!! 
 Taz has had so many adventures with his new dad.  Taz's dad travels, so Taz began visiting his grandparents home.  When his dad traveled, he stayed with Ida.  It was because of Taz that Ida began to love Pekingese. 
 Taz now has Peke friends.  Allie Marie is one of them.
 Allie Marie the Bebe is still the boss-- her mom says she has major girl power.  LOL
 The Pekes-- Allie Marie, Taz, and Percy-- all do so well together. 
 Sometimes, Allie Marie hides and pretends she is the only dog.  After all, girls sometimes need a time alone.
 Taz loves Christmas-- outside he posed for a picture.
 He has special places to hide when he needs a time out. 
 Percy, Taz and Allie Marie checked out the new camper they have to travel in.  It must be a Peke-mobile.
 Taz is such a wonderful member of his family-- both his dad's and Ida's home are his homes.  He has two!
Taz was one lucky boy when his dad showed up-- determined to make this little guy his.  I love this story.   💙💙

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LadyJicky said...

Determination is what Jamie and the Pekingese breed both have and that is a wonderful thing as we can see !
Good on you Jamie ... a guy after my own heart! :)

When you want something ... you stick to it!