Friday, December 28, 2018


 Christmas Pekes continues!   Allie Marie the BeBe has a new girly tent bed of her very own.   Can you handle the cuteness!
 Piper was one of my fosters about five years ago.   He was adopted into a family of PVPC Pekes.
 His big brother, Sammy, was also one of our alumni.
 Sammy and Piiper are so cute and Christmas and birthdays are always very special.
 Sammy, you are just so cute.
 Granger will have to have his own blog-- he is just exhausted from all the Christmas chaos.  He didn't move for four hours!
 Gizmo had snow and was racing for the door.  Time to get back under the Christmas tree! 
 Beautiful Lil Cali Gurl sat with Santa...
 and then she went to see Christmas lights.  Her wish was for every Peke to have a home.
 Chewy during Christmas and then...
 later that day -- he was exhausted.  It was time for a long winter's nap!
 Little Taffy just slept through most of Christmas.  She is doing better exploring more of the house as she feels more settled in her foster home. 
 Tara's crew, Triple, Maggie and Crosby hope everyone had a wonderful, happy, and blessed Christmas!  I love all the Christmas Peke pictures!  They just make Christmas even better!!


LadyJicky said...

I am still getting over that fabbo tent!!! LOL

Lost Earring said...

I love the beautiful girly tent so much. What a wonderful place to nap or hide out away from the daily grind.

My Queen Willow would love that so much because she loves places to hide out while she watches over little kingdom. And she is not one who likes to share her bed, food or toys. She even oversees who is getting an extra ear scratch or sitting in Daddy's lap while he's sneaking in a nap.