Sunday, December 9, 2018


 Indulge me a bit as I take time to remember... Christmas time makes us do that.   I can do things and memories of childhood come back.  Memories of when my children were small.  Memories of some who are no longer here. 
 Starlight is one of my memories.   Our little fluff ball.
 This is at least three years old-- Kai Kai had eyes then. :-)   Max, Kai Kai, Floyd, Starlight and Chumley.    Starlight and Floyd are gone, but Nala and Minnie are here.
 This is one of my VERY favorite pictures of her.
 She has Christmas outfits that are now being shared with others her size-- I tried this on Nala and it was a bit small.   
 Nala (with her undershirt on) posed, but was glad to get down.
Starlight will always be missed-- I could wallow, or just be so grateful that she was part of our lives.  I choose that.  I'm grateful.  She will always be my girl. 🎄


LadyJicky said...

What a beautiful girl she was and if I may Linda ...... I am remembering my Coco who died this year too.
Its our first year without our 'girls" at Christmas .

Lost Earring said...

Tears for beautiful Starlight and those that have passed. I recall little Joyful Grace often because she was so easy to fall in love with and fought the good fight with Linda's help.

Unknown said...

Wow, Starlight looks so much like my peke mix, Ole.