Thursday, December 20, 2018


 Noelle went from being a dog who was in a shelter twice to...
 A comfy foster home, with soft beds and lots of love.. to ...
 A NEW HOME!  She had a couple who was in touch with me daily once we had her.  They filled out an application-- like so many others.   We had to look at all the applicants, and most were fabulous.  But, we only had one Noelle and could only choose one home.  It's hard!   She met her new dad.
 When she went to her new home with her foster mom she saw the Christmas tree!  It was decorated with things for Noelle!  New beds and clothes..
 Oh my, she will be in style! 
 Her new mom just adores her.   She had lost her Peke and when she saw Noelle, she really wanted her in the family.  She filled a place in their hearts.
 So, Noelle is getting all the love she can get.
She is exploring her new home-- and snowy yard!-- She is going to have such a fabulous Christmas!


LadyJicky said...

Oh yes ..... sweet Noelle has hit the jackpot .... what a fabulous home she has now!!!!
Merry Christmas to you all and I love the Doggie Tree :)

Unknown said...

So So happy for her, Thank you for opening your hearts to such a adorable fur baby, Merry Christmas and Lots more to follow,

Unknown said...

The perfect holiday feel good story! Thank you to everyone involved for showing this sweet girl love like she has never known. I have a feeling that she will be treated like the royalty she is for the rest if her life. Merry Christmas!