Thursday, October 31, 2019


We carved a pumpkin at our house.
We put a bow on the stem and a candle inside.  It was so nice— until Callie the hound ate everything but the bow and the stem!!
Bridgette has no idea why Callie did that.  Bridgette is so well behaved! 
Daisy's dad does so much for our rescue.  He is amazing at garage sales!!!   Thank you, Rich.
Daisy is ready for Halloween tonight!  She's beautiful.
Ellie is going to hand out treats tonight-- remember to keep your pets on a leash if you are going to open your door.   Or just let them watch from the window.  A lot of dogs get loose on Halloween.   Also, keep your dogs inside-- too many people want to play "not nice" tricks on pets who are outside.  :-(
I took Minnie to the ophthalmologist yesterday-- she has something on her eye lid.   But, she had on her Autumn harness with a big bow on it.
In fact, Sugar Bit went, too.  I had two puppy dogs at the vet!!
Happy Halloween everyone!!

Wednesday, October 30, 2019


 Boo was a tiny 9-10 pound Peke that Kay and Claretta had.  He was born in 1991 and was a very special boy. 
When we were asked to take this dog from the shelter, we decided to make Boo part of his name in honor of Boo and because it's almost Halloween.
 His foster mom loves Chinese names, so we named him Yin Boo.  Cute!!
 Yin Boo is small at 10 pounds-- but he needs to gain some weight.  He is too thin.
 He LOVES his foster brothers, and he settled right in with them.
 He is nervous, and we don't know what he went through.  Foster moms help stabilize them, giving them time to settle in.   His foster mom is also working on house breaking.   Did you live outside, little one?  What is your story?
Yin Boo will have all he needs and we will find the perfect home for him.   Welcome to rescue, Yin Boo!!

Tuesday, October 29, 2019


Finley is only three years old.  He had a good life, and a loving mom and dad.
But, his dad died suddenly of a heart attack.  And his mom has dementia-- his dad was her caregiver, and Finley gave her so much comfort.  He's a little confused by all the changes.  His mom donated for his care-- we rarely get that, but it showed how much she loved him and hoped, even with her dementia, that he would be cared for.   (And yes, we will update her.)
His mom has to go to assisted living tomorrow, and they don't accept dogs. We had only a few days to find a place for him and Robin stepped up to temporarily help him until his new foster mom returns from a trip.  Sometimes, in rescue, we have to move at lightning speed-- and so many have stepped up over and over to help us.  Thank you to every one of you.
We welcomed Finley into rescue and he found a soft bed and curled up.
He's a big boy at 19 pounds.   He's used to eating just table food, so we'll have to work on that.
"What?  Change my food?  I like roast beef and turkey."  Don't worry, we will do it slowly.  You might find you love good dog food.
He is a sweet boy and we will update him-- neuter, vaccines, bloodwork, tick panel.....   We know the drill.
 He had a "sad face" so don't let that fool you.  He is young and he will rebound.
We just need to find that wonderful home to have for the rest of his life.  It's what we do.  We are rescue.  ❤️ 

Monday, October 28, 2019


Dickson came into rescue Saturday. 
People ask, "how can you keep doing rescue?"   After 16 years, I still feel that once we have them, they are ours and we will do all we can.   We don't have to give them back to neglectful owners.   We can take them to the vet, and hope we can make them whole. 
So when I met Dickson, STINKY and matted with bad eye and bad ears bad, I said, "Welcome to rescue!   We are going to help you." 
I went to see him yesterday at the vet and he had been shaved down (they asked me if they could because he was SO matted-- I was thrilled they could do it).  He had been bathed and he felt so good!   We decided to walk outside, and then he found the food room LOL.  Is this my new food?  Is this my new food?   Don't worry.  We are going to feed you well.
He is a soulful "little" man.  (He does need to lose a little weight.)  There weren't many people at the vet (Sunday, but they are open for emergencies and visits).  So, we walked outside, and then back inside. 
With his hair gone, I could see his skin, especially his neck, which had sores on it.   Now, he can heal!  I bet the bath they gave him was the first he had in a very long time.   It must have been heaven.
I went through my basket of harnesses and collars and found some to fit him.  And he now had a rescue name tag on.   (Thank you to all who donate these to me!)
"Can I visit the food room again?" 
Dickson's face is adorable!  He is nine years old and just a laid back man. 
He kept looking at me, as if to say, "I'm safe now?"  Yes you are!
At the end of my visit, I was sitting on the floor, and he came and snuggled his face into me.  Oh my heart.   💙  Does it get any better than that.   Yes.... this is why I rescue.  To make a difference-- one dog at a time.   

He will be fostered by Toni and I'm sure he will fit right in.   He's not fast.   He is just very mellow.  We walked and he was just easy going and meandering.  I don't think he'll be a fast walker-- that's okay.   He will be perfect for someone.   If you are interested in Dickson, just fill out an application on our web site.   Potomac Valley Pekingese Club - Online Application adopt

Sunday, October 27, 2019


 Dickson was abandoned to a person and was kept three months, thinking his owner would return.  She/he didn’t.
 During that three months, he obviously had no care. 😢. Eyes, ears, skin....  all need help.  And yes he needs a bath.  A long bath.
 The paperwork said he was 13.2 pounds.  Nope!  He’s 28 pounds!!   He needs to lose a little weight. His new life has begun.  Welcome to rescue Dickson.  And Happy Sunday!

Saturday, October 26, 2019


I will do a farewell blog later.  Mizmo was declining the last week and we realized there was nothing else we could do.  Mizmo took part of my heart.  His name will be “retired”—.  Rest now, my little man ❤️

Friday, October 25, 2019


 Moe came into rescue from a shelter.  He was neutered there and had a bladder stone removed.
 But, he had reactions.   I think shelters provide a very valuable service.  But, we prefer to do all surgeries ourselves.  Moe is an example-- his neuter/surgery site was so bad, and became so infected that he spent 4 days in the vet getting round the clock care. 
 He had an ulcer in his eye and we treated that.
 But, his eye got worse and he was rushed to my vet-- thank goodness they are 24/7 and he was treated right away.
 We took him to the specialist yesterday.  Toni, his foster mom, is wonderful.   She and I have so much in common and we share a lot.
 Unfortunately, we are not going to be able to save his eye.  He has a melting ulcer and he will have 24 hours of antibiotics (shot and eye drops) to reduce the infection and his eye will be removed today.
Corneal Ulcers in Dogs | VCA Animal Hospital
 Even with the pain he is in, he was still kiss Toni with love.  He is such an amazing little man.
Stay tuned for updates on him.  He has a prospective home that will love him so much.   He will need eye drops on his remaining eye, but so many Pekes need this, and it's not an issue.   Once he recovers, he will meet his new family.  They couldn't be getting a sweeter boy.

Thursday, October 24, 2019


Sweet Gizmo aka Moe had an emergency yesterday.  His left eye looked funny so he was rushed to our vet.  Having a vet who is open all the time is a blessing!   They kept him and today he sees the ophthalmologist at 11:00.  Please pray we can save his eye.  He is so precious even in pain.   I’ll update soon

Wednesday, October 23, 2019


 Freddie was hiding out a few years ago-- he said he is sure to be ready for Halloween.
 He sends out Freddie's Finds boxes and Thea (or is it Thursty) is checking out a toy in one.  Was a costume in there?
 The Parks Pups are dressing as Minions this year-- how cute!  Their mom makes all their outfits!
 Archie was not thrilled to be checking out part of a costume.  He belongs to a friend of mine. He's so cute and SO smart!
 Cali Gurl wasn't really in a costume-- she was just cheering on Bama.  But, I know she will be dressed up next week. 
 Oh, Ming.  Are you protesting?
 His sister, Fushi, is so adorable-- the wig can't hide that beautiful face. 
 Ming had to make another appearance.  He's being a very good sport.
Kai Kai said he will be fast asleep before trick or treaters come.  Dressing up isn't his thing.  It's okay.   When you're 14, you can do whatever you want.  :-)