Monday, October 31, 2011


I just saw this tonight, so had to share. Clarence wasn't going to be outdone by all the cute Halloween pictures. Here he is!! He is foster brother to Glitter. :-)


We told Dollar it was Halloween-- and he just rolled around with his Halloween tie on and acted silly. He's almost as big a ham as Desi is! (see yesterday's blog)

Halloween? What's that?

Yes, Dollar. Your house is all decorated and scary! Did you notice your doggy family all dressed up for the party your mom is going to have?

Those are frightening things sitting on your chairs.

I love your tie. It looks great on you.

Okay, I think you are scared. I'd be scared if my mom put me on that chair, too. I'm surprised you stayed there long enough for a picture!

But, I know you're not afraid of this! Wanda in her butterfly outfit is so cute-- I wouldn't be frightened of her.

Is she looking for an escape route? Or does she just want to go show off her outfit at Starbucks with her daddy. I know they all love her there.

What's up there, Wanda?

Is there a spider on the ceiling?

You have multiple outfits-- is Desi jealous? This one looks so cute on you.

The little good witch is tired. Time out for a nap.

OH, that is a scary spider! Get away.

I guess you're not afraid of him. He's not real. Let us know how your Halloween party goes tonight! I'm sure there will be a lot of characters there!

Sunday, October 30, 2011


My husband's favorite sports team is the St. Louis Cardinals! NO DOUBT ABOUT IT. I'm sure it is Carey's, too. Did Caleb celebrate?
Leighann sent me this picture of her Sadie. Sadie was SO glad that the Cardinals won the World Series. Leighann said that she's glad because now all the late night cheering has ended. :-) Sadie, you are too cute!


Beautiful Desi posed for scary photographs! She is all dressed up for Halloween. :-) My husband wrote a "safety manual" for Peke owners, so Desi will help me to share that. First, here is a note from Desi:

Miss Linda,
Mom finally sent my Halloween pictures in my scary spider princess costume. I think I look stunning and I tried to put on my very best scary face. I can not wait for our Halloween party. I am certain to win the best costume contest although Wanda really thinks she has a chance in her Wanda the Good Witch costume. Wanda also has a butterfly costume but she does not like it very much. Mom will send her photos too.

Love and kisses,

Halloween is a fun and magical night when you get to dress up as whatever your dreams desire. One thing the City desires is that everyone has an enjoyable but safe time trick-or-treating. We remind you it is against the law for anyone over the age of 12 to trick-or-treat. Also, trick-or-treating ends at 8 p.m. Please keep these safety tips in mind when you are out with your little ‘ghost’ or ‘goblin’:
1. A responsible Peke should escort children while trick-or-treating. (I think Desi would be great at this important job.)

2. Peke escorts should carry flashlights so motorists can see them

3. All costumes should be made of light-colored, fireproof material.

4. Children should wear proper fitting, comfortable costumes and shoes the complement the Peke.

5. Masks should not be worn respectfully not to embarrass nor frighten the Peke escort.

6. Remind children to trick-or-treat at homes that have porch lights on. For those homes without the light on, the Peke escort will gladly mark the front door mat.

7. Children should never eat treats until they get home because Peke treats are not typically handed out. Treats should be inspected and eaten together to celebrate the occasion.

8. Only allow children to eat unopened candies and other treats that are in original wrappers.
9. Motorists should be patient and slow down and adore the Peke. It happens at home-- why not on professional business.
10. Remember that kids and Peke will be excited and may forget to stop, look, bark, smell, and listen before they cross the street. Please be careful.

Have a happy and safe Halloween.

Saturday, October 29, 2011


Before I let you see the pictures, I want you to meet Sheila. Her owner turned her into a shelter. She's almost ten years old, but you wouldn't know it-- her eyes are clear and her tail is wagging She has that "Elvis" look where part of her mouth gets caught on her tooth. :-)

I picked her up yesterday and she's all clean and the knots are all gone, and she has a nice comfy PINK BED. :-) What could be better. We go to the vet this morning to get her shots and make sure she's healthy-- she seems to be. She's very sweet, gets along with other dogs and seems to be housetrained-- WOW, how good can it get!

And now on to the Halloween pictures. Mimi, the Pekingese, has on her Witch's hat-- One of her doggy friends was brave enough to get on the bed with her, but the other just watched from the small bed on the floor.

This little guy is all dressed up for the Halloween parade.

There were dogs of all kinds dressed up. Here are two Jack-O-Lanterns.

Some of the owners got into the "game" also and dressed like their dogs.

The dogs were really good sports about it all. I'm not sure mine would have done so well.

This one has a rider. I'm not sure he's so happy about it! "Get off, get off!"

And it's a Doxie who looks like a hot dog-- I've seen it before, but it's still so funny.

There is no way my dogs would keep a hat on! But, it sure is cute!

And finally, a Pekingese. I mean, a lobster! Is that what it is?

She sure is pretty!

And last, but definintely not least-- Miss Fiona. We just took her into rescue. She has some medical issues, but we're doing all we can for her. She's with our foster mom/vet, so she couldn't be in a better place!!

She's into Halloween with her sweater and surrounded by pumpkins. Have a safe Halloween and keep your pets safe inside.

Friday, October 28, 2011


Tiffany, Mike and I took several of our foster dogs to Bark in the Park, in Chesapeake, Va. Emmie and Odin were checking things out. There were all kinds of dog smells there.

It was a big field, soon filled with lots of people and lots of dogs.

Mike and Tiffany brought Dinah. She can be a very relaxed girl.

I saw one of my former fosters there!! Ty-Ty was adopted by a wonderful couple near me. It was SO good to see him!

Other shelters and rescue groups were there, too. Amazing that so many dogs can be together and do just fine. Cesar Milan would be proud.

Mike was holding a little foster dog from a shelter near by.

There were things to buy and I think the dogs wanted to go shopping. I'm sure they could have used my credit card.

Dinah was showing everyone who pretty she is. And she has her special "Adopt Me" harness on.

Odin took up his station to entice people in-- he wanted to meet everyone.

And when they didn't come, he watched them go and his tail stopped wagging. SO SAD.
Emmie met Ty-Ty new brother. I think she approved!

And look who went by-- these adorable tiny Japanese Chins!! They looked like little stuffed animals.

Dr. Teague's dogs weren't at the Bark in the Park, but they were dressed up for Halloween. Nicky, Tinsley and Emma are his Kings Charles Cavaliers.

They were all set for tricks and treats.

This Schnauzer was ready for Halloween and didn't even have to wear a costume. It just stepped in orange paint haha.

Odin wants you to all be safe on Halloween. Remember, the frightening costumes and noise can cause your dog to take off. Please make sure they are secure on Halloween night so that they don't get out. Here are ways to keep your pets safe.