Thursday, October 27, 2011


Today is Jeanne's birthday. I know all the Pekes in our club would love to give her a lick and a high-five paw to thank her for all she's done for them.
She has fostered many Pekes in our group. Toby is one of them. He is so beautiful and a sweetheart and we know his forever home is out there.

Little Sassy Marie has made it through several surgeries with Jeanne's care. I think she's wondering if there's going to be birthday cake!

Penney (formerly Katrina) was one of the Bristol 18 Pekes that Jeanne took care of for several weeks until she went to her foster home in S.E. Virginia.

And Rose Bud/R.B. was another. I love this picture-- a former back yard breeder's dog who was able to become healthy and know she was loved while at Jeanne's house.

Bella was another who learned she was lovable at Jeanne's house. She and her sister, Ruby, were adopted together. Jeanne was instrumental in helping that to happen.

In April, we had our Peke Picnic. Jeanne was our Most Valuable Peke Person for the year. Now she's our new president!
We all want to wish Jeanne a very happy birthday!!! We all love you!


lady jicky said...

Happy Birthday Jeanne !!

I hope you have a wonderful day :)

cby said...

Happy Birthday Jeanne! We hope you do something extra special today, because you are really special. The care, compassion and happiness you share is unmatched.

Fiona Ross said...

Happy, happy birthday, Jeanne! Paddy and Amelia send birthday snuffles to you too!

Tracey said...

Jeanne truly is a wonderful lady and deserves a great birthday! Love the pictures! She has done so much for so many Peke's. Happy Birthday Jeanne!!

Toni Davis said...

Happy Birthday! Thank you for all you do!