Monday, October 31, 2011


We told Dollar it was Halloween-- and he just rolled around with his Halloween tie on and acted silly. He's almost as big a ham as Desi is! (see yesterday's blog)

Halloween? What's that?

Yes, Dollar. Your house is all decorated and scary! Did you notice your doggy family all dressed up for the party your mom is going to have?

Those are frightening things sitting on your chairs.

I love your tie. It looks great on you.

Okay, I think you are scared. I'd be scared if my mom put me on that chair, too. I'm surprised you stayed there long enough for a picture!

But, I know you're not afraid of this! Wanda in her butterfly outfit is so cute-- I wouldn't be frightened of her.

Is she looking for an escape route? Or does she just want to go show off her outfit at Starbucks with her daddy. I know they all love her there.

What's up there, Wanda?

Is there a spider on the ceiling?

You have multiple outfits-- is Desi jealous? This one looks so cute on you.

The little good witch is tired. Time out for a nap.

OH, that is a scary spider! Get away.

I guess you're not afraid of him. He's not real. Let us know how your Halloween party goes tonight! I'm sure there will be a lot of characters there!

1 comment:

lady jicky said...

That huge spider is freaking me out!

Dollar and Wanda look scarey spice and now Moi Moi wants an outfit!

Linda !!!!!
we had about 8 kids knock on our door and I gave them those lollies!
No tricks here thanks! Looks like Halloween is taking off in Australia!