Thursday, October 13, 2011


Sawyer is now Sebastian! He was adopted last month. He came from a shelter in Maryland and now has his own forever home in Maryland. He didn't go far!

He is learning special things and getting treats for doing them. Look how pretty he is sitting here.

And how smart he is shaking hands.

But, more important than that is that he just had a birthday this week and his new parents celebrated in style. Is this cute or what! :-)

"What is on my head? I can't see it."

His poodle sister, Greta is 12 and she has joined the party also. At first, Sebastian irritated her, but now she is putting up with him. ;-) He helps walk her, too. He takes her leash in his mouth when they go out for their evening walk. Really, though, Greta likes her new little brother.
Sebastian is now a year old-- and in a new home, with a new sister and new parents-- this has been a great few months for him!

Happy Birthday Sebastian. I know your parents love you and think you are a wonderful little bundle of joy!


lady jicky said...

Happy Birthday you lucky guy!!!

Karin said...

Love the name! Happy birthday little Sebastian!